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The new era for the digitalization of machinery has begun. With innovative products from the EMAG Group, you can depend on us to be the ideal corporate partner to help move you into the future. To achieve this goal, we are working relentlessly to continue to develop new and groundbreaking service solutions.

Our expertise – your solutions.

Would you like to know in advance which of your machine components may stop working or require service?

If you knew in advance which elements in your machinery inventory should be replaced at any given time, would it help?

Would information about the utilization and productivity of your machine be beneficial? Our solutions will allow you to get the answers to these questions and so much more!


  • Improved transparency
  • Increased machine availability and productivity
  • Proactive maintenance and servicing
  • Immediate access to EMAG experts when service is required
  • Intelligent solutions for your production
  • Virtual machine and simulation of material flow
  • Data analytics
  • Condition monitoring

Data analytics

Sensors, machine logs, remote platforms or other sources provide enormous amounts of data. The challenge is to process this big data so that it allows us to create value - at the cost level, at the risk level and, above all, at the growth level. The analysis of this data will provide support for many important corporate decisions, and is continuing to replace instances where judgements were made based on experience or intuition.

This data has proven itself very beneficial in the planning and identifying of issues with a production system. To aid in the decision making process, data must be precise, appropriately collected and accurately analyzed so that it can be applied to individual application scenarios. The results of these analysis will help to detect faults at an early stage, warn about business and market risks, and add new data-driven services to our business models to help improve overall production quality.  

This new Big Data Analytics platform creates baseline measurements at the push of a button using intelligent algorithms. Additional cases can be added gradually and examined to see if the system can be further optimized. This could include the detection of abnormal chronologies of physical measurement variables, or finding correlations between results in log data. The faults or malfunctions that can be assessed using the data can then be determined by your team. By analyzing the data given, you can make intelligent recommendations and plans for service.


  • Intelligent data analyses for the assessment of machine condition
  • Early and precise identification of faults
  • Proactive recommendations for service
  • Increase in productivity and minimization of risks
  • Continuous improvement of the value flow process
  • Improve performance and quality in production

Condition monitoring

With condition monitoring, we can analyze things such as the vibrations of a machine. Machine vibrations can be an indication that the axes are not in their optimal positions, which can lead to increased wear and result in short-term machine failures. With condition monitoring, accurate measurements and the correct sensor system are applied to ensure that precise parameters are being achieved. The machine data is monitored by an intelligent data analysis system during production and provides early information on faulty components. In its most basic application, this data can be monitored regularly and set-up to generate automatic warnings, assessments or tasks for maintaining production.


  • Data-based machine analysis and evaluation
  • Increase in productivity and minimization of risks
  • Prevention of damage and downtimes
  • Increase in productivity and quality

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