Retrofits at EMAG: renewed top performance for your existing machines

Retrofits at EMAG mean top quality in every last detail: Used machines, or machines already in your lineup, are precisely overhauled, modernized, and perfected in every way. 

The services range from replacing individual components like the spindle or upgrading the control to complete remanufacturing of standalone machines or complex manufacturing systems—including the addition of new tool systems. Users benefit from the quality expected of EMAG, with made-to-measure solutions being developed for efficient production processes.

Retrofits at EMAG: benefit from the know-how and experience of the original manufacturer!

EMAG Retrofit

EMAG Retrofit

Component Replacement

When your machine needs a new component, take advantage of rapid assistance and made-to-measure solutions.

Used Machines

If you need to expand your capacity fast, EMAG has used machines in stock at all times that are thoroughly tested and reconditioned.


Do you need to produce new parts or increase your output? Make use of EMAG retooling.

Retrofit Remanufacturing

If your EMAG machine is no longer up to the challenges it faces, a retrofit will give you the performance of a new machine at a lower investment cost.

Control System Upgrade

New control technology can make processes faster, more economical, and more reliable.

Technical Hotline

Our technical hotline records all inquiries and gives you technical assistance in problem solving.

+49 7162 17-4300 

EMAG Worldwide

EMAG provides a worldwide service network. You benefit from our speed and global networking.


Do you have questions?

Whether you have inquiries about machines, service or maintenance. We are here for you worldwide.

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