Cycle time is money – Idle times are wasted time.

EMAG M-Tuning reduces idle times in the machining processes and automation sequences, as well as in internal PLC and CNC cycles, which increases productivity by up to 20 %.

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For many workpieces, the idle times make up a substantial piece of the total workpiece production time. Reducing these idle times can signifi cantly increase plant yield.

EMAG offers its customers an analysis of their optimization potential. The service includes preparation and execution of the measurements, combined with a competent and targeted consultation. The results, however, depend on your actual machine and its condition as well as the set tasks. Therefore, the exact potential savings cannot be determined beforehand and cannot be defined without a detailed analysis.

A few days following the in-house evaluation, you will receive a quotation with a forecast of the attainable productivity increases and the required investment.

Following a positive profitability analysis, a detailed recording of the current conditions takes place, with complete data backup. This backup strategy means that the machine is available for production after the agreed time, even in the event of unforeseen difficulties.

The optimization potential is realized, step-by-step, through changes in the appropriate places. As a rule, the ongoing production is disturbed as little as possible in this process. In many cases, the analysis, including the optimization, will be completed within a day. Optimizing only the idle times results in productivity increases of typically 5 to 20 %.

Advantages of the EMAG M-Tuning

  • Analysis and economic efficiency review without disturbing ongoing production
  • Reduction and optimization of idle times – quick and straight-forward
  • Obvious increase in production figures
Productivity increase for machinery and production systems

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