EMAG Workholding Equipment Maintenance

EMAG Workholding Equipment Maintenance – Ensure that installation errors are reduced by up to 30% – at an attractive package price!

If you want maximum productivity from your EMAG machines, every one of their components must work at maximum efficiency – your workholding equipment in particular.

Therefore, you should ensure that this important component contributes long-term to the smooth running of your production process stream. Make use of the EMAG Workholding Equipment Maintenance package and let the manufacturer carry out their high quality testing and maintenance work - at an enormous cost savings to you.

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EMAG Workholding Equipment Maintenance – if you want to play it safe

The maintenance proposal includes the following services for all workholding equipment integrated into EMAG machines by EMAG:

  • Provision of packaging for the transporting of the equipment to EMAG.
  • Inspection of goods on receipt: preliminary static clamping force test and drawing up of a report documenting the condition of the equipment.
  • Disassembly and cleaning of the equipment by EMAG specialists.
  • Safety test: crack detection on all highly stressed components (e.g. drawbar adaptor, jaw guides).
  • Greasing and professional reassembly.
  • Final static clamping force test.
  • Developing a maintenance protocol and test report on the final condition of the equipment.
  • If the equipment is found to be damaged: test report sent by email, including a proposal covering any necessary repairs.
  • Recommended maintenance schedule, tailored to the individual production process.
  • Return of the workholding equipment and, on request, professional reinstallation by EMAG service engineer.
  • Return of packaging within 10 days.

EMAG Workholding Equipment Maintenance – customized to your needs

What the price will be depends on the type of equipment and the amount of maintenance work agreed on. Before maintenance is carried out, EMAG will provide you with an offer that is tailored to your particular needs.

Your workholding equipment maintenance package becomes even more cost efficient if you qualify for our special discount campaigns, such as:

  • work carried out during summer or year-end holidays (maintenance during times of low production);
  • combi-maintenance, where you allow us to carry out the workholding equipment maintenance with other scheduled maintenance or inspection work on the machine(s).

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