Preventative testing as fast as possible.

The EMAG Geometry-Set is used for regular and preventative inspection as well as the retrieval of tool carrier geometry following a collision or tool breakage.

This provides protection against a decrease in quality and consequential damage.

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EMAG Geometry-Set – includes all tools, measuring equipment, and special tools for geometry testing following a collision, tool breakage, or maintenance.

Preventative measures are readily available at any time. To ensure high quality requirements and availability during production, it is essential that machine tools be serviced regularly.

The geometry of the machine is one of the most important machine requirements. Due to geometrical faults, inadmissibly high forces affect the drive units – this can lead to premature failure of the complex modules such as tool drives, slide guideways, feed drives, or the ball screw. Therefore, regular and preventative inspection of tool carrier geometry, as well as the geometry of the entire machine, is one of the most important prerequisites for production without loss of quality and to protect against consequential damage.

We have compiled the EMAG Geometry-Set for this inspection, as well as for specified maintenance of the tool carrier and the machine geometry.

Advantages of the EMAG Geometry-Set

  • Increased availability of the machine due to collision avoidance and decrease of component failures
  • Quick maintenance following tool breakage due to a collision
  • All necessary tools are readily available
  • Reduction in maintenance costs because geometry can be tested or promptly adjusted to prevent complications
  • Price of the set is 30 % cheaper than individual components

We offer training courses for the correct use of the Geometry-Set by EMAG service specialists.

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