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Those who use the manufacturer’s service facilities only when a machine has broken down create two problems for themselves: a increased number of unscheduled machine stoppages and sudden, skyrocketing (maintenance) costs. A better solution is EMAG Cooperative Maintenance.

This concept relies on a needs-based maintenance schedule, where in-house maintenance knowledge is complemented and supported by the abilities of EMAG specialists.

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EMAG Cooperative Maintenance – A clever concept for the budget-conscious

This partnership concept defines the following points:

Partnership concept

  • Compilation of machine inventory, including all its associated maintenance tasks.
  • Evaluation and action plan.
  • A summary of the degree of qualification of your in-house maintenance staff.
  • Allocation of responsibilities (Who can/will do what? Where is a need for training?).
  • Onsite training schedule for your personnel.
  • Maintenance schedule (What can you do yourself immediately? What can you do once your staff has been trained accordingly? Which tasks should be carried out by EMAG?).

Maintenance agreement (Maintenance Contract EMAG)

  • Drawing up a maintenance agreement and compiling the relevant checklists.
  • Spare parts service and deliveries.
  • Continuous dynamic (= condition-oriented): when one batch of maintenance work has been carried out, date and volume (checklist) of the next schedule are agreed on, taking into account the expected conditions. 

EMAG Cooperative Maintenance – exceptional benefit and unbelievably cost-efficient

Why EMAG Cooperative Maintenance would be a great benefit to your company can be summed up in a single phrase: Increased efficiency for less money!

  • The drawing up of a partnership concept is completely free of charge for you!
  • The resulting Maintenance Agreement will be drawn up separately and in accordance with your particular requirements.

An exact cost-benefit calculation cannot be made in advance, due to the complexity and the individuality of the product. However, some examples of practical applications illustrate just how much your company could benefit:

Example 1

By making use of the EMAG Cooperative Maintenance agreement, Daimler AG, Gaggenau, was able to verifiably reduce the maintenance costs for their EMAG machines by over 30% at the same time as they were able to increase the availability rate of the machines by 2 – 3%.

Example 2

At an average cost of approx. EUR 2,000 (including materials) for each service or repair call, and including the additional costs for lost production, the preventive inspections are already paying for themselves with one callout less per year.

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