The search for the best machining solution starts with the preparatory stage, the identification and selection of the right machine, and with the planning of the production process.  Our experts will help by providing in-depth advice on how to arrive at the correct decisions.

We have the competence to advise you on all metal-cutting technologies, such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding, but also on the “new” technologies relevant to the machining of round and non-round workpieces. In fact, EMAG will develop a master plan for every machining task: beginning with the customer’s workpiece, including all tooling, right up to the optimization of machining parameters and sequences.

Process development

Based on the tasks faced by our customers, this service covers the joint development of new technologies, machine modules and even completly new manufacturing systems and may also include on-site support during batch production. 

We will supply you with customized solutions that will take into account all of your operational, economical and statutory requirements.


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Our technical hotline records all inquiries and gives you technical assistance in problem solving.

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EMAG provides a worldwide service network. You benefit from our speed and global networking.



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