How modular machines simplify production: EMAG at EMO 2015

02/10/2015 - Markus Isgro

TrackMotion automation system

Modular concepts are the star at EMAG booth B23 in hall 4 at EMO 2015 where modular machines will display their flexibility to be perfectly configured for a wide array of tasks. The newest modular automation system for fast and efficient linking to complete manufacturing systems as well as the new modular machine platform for processing large components will show not only how modularity simplifies production, but how it can also increase productivity.

Today, the range of EMAG modular machines continues to expand, from the classic VL vertical turning machines for chucked parts and the VT series for shafts, to the VL 4 H vertical gear hobbing machine, the VLC 100 C vertical chamfering machine and the VLC 100 GT vertical turning and grinding center, as well as induction hardening units in the MIND series from eldec, the laser welding systems in the ELC series and ECM machines – EMAG can supply the perfect modular concept for almost every application and technology.

Standard, flexible, modular

The basic thought behind the modular concept was to develop a machine type that both enables production planners to develop manufacturing lines easier than ever before while also delivering the familiar EMAG precision and productivity. The result is a machine concept that combines the established strengths of EMAG machines, namely their integrated pick-up automation and proven machining quality, with the EMAG Group’s wide range of technologies.

Standard design – simplified processes

EMAG modular machines all share the same basic design based on a strategy to use identical components in all of them. Even machines which feature different machining technologies can often use identical components, which, of course, drastically reduces warehousing costs for spare parts. The compact design of the machines is also standardized, creating a small footprint due to the integrated automation system. The modular machines are also supplied with an integrated pick-up automation system enabling them to load themselves directly with workpieces from an integrated parts storage facility using a pick-up spindle..

The included automation also makes it possible to implement comparatively simple, yet highly effective automation concepts between machines. This is where all the benefits come together: the compact machine design allows them to be installed close together, the integrated pick-up automation system only requires the parts to be transported between the machines and the standard transfer height between the machines makes this transport even easier. Naturally, EMAG can also supply the automation system to link the production line matching the customers requirements.

Perfectly coordinated automation systems

The way the machines are linked differs from case to case, the customer can choose from a wide range of automation modules perfectly tailored to the modular machines. Making this a straightforward process is the uniform transfer height, which makes linking any number of machines comparatively simple using conveyor belts, pick-and-place units and changers. There is no need for sophisticated robots, although they can be integrated at any time (for example, for unloading onto pallets). But EMAG would not be EMAG if it did not have a new automation product to unveil in a world premier at EMO 2015.

TrackMotion – transporting parts as if they were on rails

The new TrackMotion automation system is another new development from the EMAG Group which combines the previous concept of conveyor belts, pick-and-place units and changers in an automation solution. Put in simple terms, the TrackMotion automation system is a track system with a gripper system mounted on it positioned behind the machines to transport the parts. This gripper system, known as TransLift, replaces the conveyor belt, pick-and-place units and turn-overs and requires very little space. This system is also completely modular, of course, and can be expanded as required. There is no limit to the length of the track and the number of TransLift grippers, allowing them to be tailored perfectly to each production scenario. Furthermore, the TrackMotion automation system is extremely fast, clocking impressive horizontal speeds of 150 m/min and vertical speeds of 25 m/min.

It is clear that with this modular machine model and matching automation components EMAG has developed a system that easliy links to complete manufacturing systems. With a wide range of technologies, which are also offered and integrated into the modular platform, the EMAG Group enhances the attractiveness of these solutions that much more. Come see the performance of the EMAG Group products in hall 4, booth B 23 at EMO 2015.


  • Standard machine design simplifies production planning
  • Maximum productivity through integrated pick-up automation
  • Part transfer uncomplicated with a standard transfer height
  • EMAG automation concepts perfectly tailored to the machines
  • TrackMotion combines parts transport, turn-over station and parts storage   facility with a minimal footprint



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