EMAG redefines the top class of vertical turning machines

01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VLC 800 for the complete-machining of workpieces up to 800 mm diameter

With its VLC series of vertical turning centers EMAG proves again that it can come up with yet another innovative idea for a high-efficiency production tool. The VLC 800 Turning Center, shown at Metav from the 20th to the 24th of June 2006, complete-machines workpieces of up to 800 mm diameter in a single set-up and thus replaces the vertical turret lathes previously employed for the machining of this size of component.

Faithful to the motto "Eliminating wasteful workpiece tourism through process stream consolidation" the three frame sizes of the VLC – 500, 630 and 800 – reduce waiting and transport times of individual machining processes. They also cut set-up times and floor space requirements, as the number of machines and storage facilities required is reduced. The resulting flexibility and the integrity of its process capability make the VLC series ideal for the small and medium size batch production.

With these turning centers EMAG has reinforced the principle – introduced by the company in 1992 – of providing vertical turning machines, now also for larger workpieces. To accommodate long axis travels and – at the same time – allow ergonomically favourable access to the machining area, the X-axis has been positioned across the operator's access window. With an X-axis travel of 2350 mm the VLC 800 also applies the pick-up principle developed by EMAG. The raw parts are conveyed to and clamped in the spindle and taken to the machining stations in the tooling zone.

The sturdy main spindle with its power rating of max 100 kW, a torque rate of up to 4300 Nm and speeds of max 500 rpm is contained in a quill unit that travels in Z-direction. The non-friction, wear resistant, play-free hydrostatic guideway for the quill has optimal damping properties. This minimises tool wear – even when using interrupted cuts – and guarantees an excellent surface finish, supported by the machine base in Mineralit®, a mineral cast compound that has particularly good damping qualities. Spindle motor, main spindle with quill unit, turret, electrical cabinet and machine base are all fluid-cooled. A twin-circuit heat exchanger maintains the machine temperature within tight limits of the ambient temperature. All this allows the VLC turning centers to machine even large workpieces at tolerances in the hundredth millimetre range.

EMAG's well proven modular design of the VLC provides for ample space in the machining area to accommodate equipment for a large range of production requirements. Possible specifications include one or two fixed turrets that can be optionally equipped with life tools and which can – also as an option – travel a second X-axis. And optional Y-B-axis unit can be equipped with a drilling or a milling spindle with tool magazine. The great stability and precision of these machines also allows for grinding and hard machining operations to be carried out. Tooth profiles can be machined with a gear hobbing attachment from EMAG-KOEPFER. To ensure that required workpiece tolerances are held, a measuring probe – mounted outside the machining area – can be integrated into the process.
To ensure that a larger number of manufacturing facilities can enjoy the twin-advantages of combined process sequences and process stream consolidation in future, EMAG has further extended its series of vertical turning centres for larger workpieces with the VLC 1200 for components of up to 2000 kg in weight and a max diameter of 1200 mm. EMAG now offers the most comprehensive range of vertical turning centers with fully integrated workhandling and measuring and a multi-functional machining capability. These machines, which can be expanded – using standard optional equipment – into customised production centers for complete-machining, now allow you to manufacture components of between 10 and 1200 mm diameter.


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