05/10/2020 - Markus Isgro

Red Dot Award for EMAG: AI solution EDNA perfects networking of industrial production

The factories of the future are connected—in every respect: Machines communicate with each other regarding errors or required maintenance, while providing essential information to production planners that can control the machines from one central...

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30/09/2020 - Markus Isgro

Using scroll-free turning to optimize the production of rotor shafts

The automotive industry is in transformation and production planners are placing increasing importance not only on new components, but also on new manufacturing methods. After all, the increased demand for electric vehicles is also leading to higher...

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14/09/2020 - Markus Isgro

The CI machine from EMAG ECM: A Highly Effective Solution for Deburring Complex Components

Autonomous steering and brake systems, hydro-pneumatic chassis, or radically improved gas mileage – these buzzwords represent a technological change that is triggering a domino effect in the automotive and other industries. An increasing number of...

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07/09/2020 - EMAG GmbH & Co. KG

VLC 200 GT from EMAG: Combining technologies to machine state-of-the-art transmission components

It is no secret that e-mobility is a growing market. A current study by the consulting firm Strategy Analytics, predicts the production output of “electric vehicles” will increase to 25% of the global market by 2025. It should be noted that the study...

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01/09/2020 - Markus Isgro

VMC 450-5 MT Turning/Milling Center – Five Axes for Dramatically Shorter Machining Processes in the Production of Large Parts

Large components and complex geometries—in heavy machining, this combination is far from rare and is always synonymous with a high expenditure of time and rising costs. A primary reason for this is that the variety of machining processes required,...

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24/08/2020 - Markus Isgro

HLC 150 H by EMAG KOEPFER: All-round gear-cutting solution for more flexibility and lower cost

More than ever, planners in the automotive industry are faced with the crucial challenge of flexibility in production technology. Manufacturers continually need to cope with modified ranges of components. For instance, the geometry can change very...

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Lightweight Design for Commercial Vehicles: EMAG LaserTec is developing a holistic production solution for large truck differentials

When the catch phrase “lightweight design” is used for the automobile production, it typically refers to passenger cars, rarely commercial vehicles. However, there is an enormous amount of potential for weight reduction and cost savings when...

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16/07/2020 - Markus Isgro

VLC 350 GT from EMAG: The perfect solution for the future of transmission and engine productions chucked parts

What will the cars on the street look like in the future? A new study by the Boston Consulting Group forecasts a mix of gasoline and diesel engines (48 percent), hybrid vehicles (33 percent) and completely electric (19 percent). For OEM’s and supply...

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15/06/2020 - Markus Isgro

VL 1 TWIN from EMAG: Drastically Lower Unit Cost for Bevel Gears

Bevel gears found in passenger vehicles are mass-produced. Supply companies produce these gears, essential for differentials, by the million—and it’s no wonder, since there are four of these in every differential. The number of all-wheel-drive...

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EMAG Announces Expansion with the Opening of EMAG Charlotte!

Beginning June 1, 2020, EMAG will be expanding its operation in the United States by opening an additional office, EMAG Charlotte, in Charlotte, NC. With this addition, current and prospective customers located in the southeastern portion of the...

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14/05/2020 - Markus Isgro

W 11 CNC from EMAG Weiss—Manual CNC-Supported External and Internal Cylindrical Grinder

The EMAG Group is breaking new ground with the W 11 CNC cylindrical grinder from EMAG Weiss. The company from Salach, near Stuttgart, Germany, is primarily known for its turning and grinding machines intended for high-volume production. With its W 11...

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13/03/2020 - Oliver Hagenlocher

General instructions for dealing with the coronavirus

In order to counteract a further spread of the coronavirus, we have established the following company regulations for visitors, suppliers and external service providers:

All personal contact must be kept to a minimum. Where it is not absolutely...

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27/02/2020 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Oilfield Technology: The World Premiere of EMAG’s In-Process Non-Contact Thread Measuring System

According to the 2018 energy study of the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), with a share of 30.5% of the world’s primary energy consumption, oil remains the most important source of energy.

However, global trade...

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24/02/2020 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Receives “Outstanding Supplier” Award from Sisamex

The EMAG Group and Sisamex, a member of the Mexican Quimmco Group, have been production partners for over 20-years. At its plants in Monterrey, Sisamex produces a large variety of workpieces for trucks, agricultural and utility vehicles for many...

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15/01/2020 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Acquires CNC­-Technik Weiss GmbH Headquartered in Neckartailfingen, Germany

The EMAG Group is expanding its technology range in the field of grinding with cylindrical grinding technology from WEISS. “We are extending our range of products in the area of high-output and high-precision cylindrical grinders with grinding...

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13/01/2020 - Markus Isgro

The New EMAG Systems: EMAG provides complete turnkey solutions from a single source

The production of comprehensive manufacturing solutions from a single source is the main requirement for many mechanical engineering production planners. Typically, a general contractor would be responsible for the development of a complex line of...

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02/12/2019 - Markus Isgro

Production System by EMAG: Lightweight Rotor Shafts Machined with End-to-End Production Systems

A large number of studies are predicting rapid growth in e-mobility. The latest sales figures confirm the trend: According to the Center of Automotive Management, sales of electric cars in China and the USA increased dramatically last year. In...

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07/11/2019 - Markus Isgro

R 300 Hobbing Machine from EMAG Richardon: HKS Dreh-Antriebe Invests in High-Efficiency Gear Cutting Processes

Rotary actuators are jacks-of-all-trades: They are implemented whenever an object must be rotated or swiveled—this is necessary during the production of utility vehicles, ships, machines, power plants, and production areas. This broad range of uses...

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14/10/2019 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Production System: Perfecting the Finish-Machining of Turbocharger Shafts

The production of turbochargers is one of the most demanding tasks in automotive engineering: High-strength materials, precise geometric requirements, large quantities and price pressure are key challenges for OEMs and suppliers. The continual...

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23/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

Laser Cleaning Machine of EMAG LaserTec: LC 4-2 Laser Cleaning Machine for implementation in Manufacturing Lines or as a Standalone Machine

EMAG LaserTec is known first and foremost for highly productive laser welding systems. The focus is indeed on the word “system”: In addition to the actual welding process, steps that occur upstream or downstream of the welding are frequently...

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20/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

PI 800—Modular ECM / PECM Machine: Completing complex machining tasks very efficiently with an electrochemical process

Anyone who has had a closer look at the ECM process knows that it is an innovative technology. In order to make manufacturing with PECM even more accessible, EMAG ECM, headquartered in Gaildorf, near Schwäbisch Hall in Germany, has developed a new...

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12/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

The new MIND-L 1000 from EMAG eldec: Lower cost of investment and increased productivity in induction hardening

Precisely timed cycles, extremely accurate heating patterns and perfect integration in the production process—the advantages that induction hardening provides propel the implementation of the process in many application areas in the automotive...

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07/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

New DUO Machine for Series Production: The VL 5 DUO from EMAG delivers a boost to the Production of Powertrain Components up to 250 mm

The success story of DUO machines from the EMAG Modular Solutions product family keeps on going. At the EMO in Hanover, EMAG will present the latest expansion stage of the DUO series, the VL 5 DUO. What can users expect from the new machine? In a...

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06/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

EMO 2019 – Complete Production Solutions with the VL 1 TWIN: Massively reduce unit costs for planetary and bevel gears

Cost pressure, high quality requirements and demand for huge output volumes—extremes collide in automotive transmission manufacturing. While meeting these demands, production quantities will also projected to continue to rise in the coming years. The...

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02/07/2019 - Markus Isgro

EMAG at the EMO 2019 in Hanover: The Sequel to a Successful Event Concept

What does the automotive future hold? This question is one way you could briefly summarize the motto of the EMAG Group's 2019 Technology Forum held at its headquarters this May.

The technology forum is traditionally held in the same year as the EMO...

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29/05/2019 - Markus Isgro

Experts advised about the revolution in the automotive industry

Buzzwords such as “e-mobility,” “autonomous driving” and “big data” outline a fundamental shift in the global automotive industry that comes with far-reaching changes to production—constituting a major challenge for the underlying mechanical...

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EMAG wins the “Axia Best Managed Companies Award”

Strategic vision, capacity to innovate, sustainable management culture and good corporate governance—the “Axia Best Managed Companies Award” sets expectations high for participating businesses. This year, the organizers from the consulting firm...

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29/04/2019 - Markus Isgro

2019 EMAG Technology Forum: Solutions for Tomorrow’s Smart Car Production

Digitalization and e-mobility—just one of these megatrends would already be enough to unleash massive transformations in the manufacturing and machinery industries. But when both occur at the same time, what should change and how should businesses...

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06/02/2019 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Automation becomes EMAG LaserTec: Driving laser welding and joining technology with a new name

EMAG laser welding technology has been an impressive success story for years: The system ensures efficient light construction and lower component costs in the manufacture of numerous vehicle components. The relevant turnkey production systems are...

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01/11/2018 - Markus Isgro

Rotor Carriers, Rotor Shafts, etc.: Technology Day at EMAG ECM Showcases Solutions for E-Mobility and More!

From new passenger cars with electric motors to the ongoing e-bike boom—the electric revolution in private transportation is picking up speed, and challenging production planners in the industry. How can the production of rotor carriers, rotor...

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05/10/2018 - Markus Isgro

EMAG ECM: Non-Contact Manufacturing of E-Bike Drive Shafts

Technology is becoming more complex while simultaneously time unit volume is rapidly increasing. A perfect example of this can be seen when looking at the e-bike market. Some product innovations even remind us of the automotive industry: The first...

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20/09/2018 - Markus Isgro

Focus on additive manufacturing: EMAG acquires share in metal 3D printing pioneer

Additive manufacturing with metallic materials is now part of the EMAG Group’s portfolio: The global market leader for vertical pick-up turning centers and vendor of modular turnkey manufacturing solutions has acquired a minority share in the Berlin...

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20/09/2018 - Markus Isgro

Industry 4.0 cooperation: EMAG acquires shares in data analytics specialist anacision

Comprehensive analysis of the many kinds of sensor and product data generated by every machine during operation is a key prerequisite for Industry 4.0 solutions. As a result, know-how related to these data analytics is strategically important for...

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23/08/2018 - Markus Isgro

VL 1 TWIN Line from EMAG: A Pioneer for the Production of Planetary and Sun Gears, Cams, and more!

The challenges in the automotive industry are growing—and fast. Take transmissions for instance: Existing systems such as automatic torque converters and dual-clutch transmissions are constantly being enhanced. These are being supplemented by unique...

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EMAG at the AMB: Highly Productive Solutions for Networked Automotive Manufacturing

How can demanding automotive components be manufactured even more efficiently, and what role does the digitalization of production play? The EMAG Group will be answering these questions, and more September 18 - 22 at this year’s AMB exhibition in...

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06/03/2018 - Markus Isgro

Groundbreaking ceremony at EMAG: Major expansion of EMAG Group headquarters in Salach, Germany

Starting signal for new production and office wing of the EMAG Group in Salach: On March 5, the groundbreaking ceremony was held with representatives of the company, building contractors and politicians. Already in 2017, the company's steady growth...

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23/02/2018 - Markus Isgro

High performance for the welding of gears

In every synchromesh or dual-clutch transmission, there are gears with a synchronizer mechanism: They transmit the torque of the engine to the drive axle via a coupling body (synchro body) and a shift sleeve. There is one gear for each step of the...

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22/01/2018 - Markus Isgro

EMAG at GrindTec 2018: High-precision results for small components

Cost pressure and increasing quality requirements are influencing the automotive sector more than ever before. And yet complex processes such as out-of-round grinding are coming to the fore. How can these sophisticated grinding processes be carried...

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CVT transmissions: turnkey solutions from EMAG

EMAG develops end-to-end production solutions for soft machining and turning of CVT transmission components – interlinked and monitored.

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12/07/2017 - Markus Isgro

EMAG at the EMO: Focusing on electric drive systems and the “smart factory”

Electromobility and Industry 4.0 – these industrial megatrends are featured prominently in the EMAG Group booth at the EMO in Hanover from September 18 to 23 this year. Throughout the show, EMAG machine manufacturers will demonstrate their role as...

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30/06/2017 - Markus Isgro

EMAG acquires RICHARDON's gear technology

On May 1st, EMAG acquired the entire gear cutting business and related name rights from Richardon. This step continues to enhance the application expertise of the EMAG Group. Richardon is a leader in large-module gear production using gear hobbing...

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03/05/2017 - Markus Isgro

VLC 200 GT from EMAG: New Custom-Fit Turning and Grinding Solution for the Machining of Automotive Gears

The production of a large volume of parts with extremely high quality has been a key feature in the production of automotive transmissions for decades. Developments in both the marketplace and technology, however, are continuing to change production...

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31/01/2017 - Markus Isgro

Modular System for Line Production: the VL Series from EMAG

Vertical production machines are EMAG's territory. It all began with the VSC series, which laid the foundation for the successful machine concept of the vertical pick-up turning center. This machine concept runs through nearly the entire product...

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19/12/2016 - Markus Isgro

Pendulum grinding: the new EMAG technology shortens particulary complex grinding processes

For years, the focus of car designers has been the steering gear. The system hasbeen complemented by complex secondary drive systems. Drivers are now clamouring for steering systems with even more precision. In order to meet this demand, the...

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05/12/2016 - Markus Isgro

EMAG PECM radically shortens toolmaking processes

Many branches of the industry need highly challenging, complex tools for their mass production. These are often one-offs with precise shapes and contours, perfect for the precision electro-chemical machining process (PECM) from EMAG.

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16/11/2016 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Automation: Complete laser welding solutions for transmission manufacturing

In the automotive industry,  one trend has been consistent for years: Passenger vehicle transmissions are becoming smaller and lighter, although the number of speeds—and of toothed gear components—continue to increase. How does the entire assembly...

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07/11/2016 - Markus Isgro

eldec Quality Control: Comprehensive Quality Assurance for Induction Hardening

More than ever, production planners in the automotive industry are pursuing zero-defect strategies—as much as possible considering the tremendous increase in the technical complexity of vehicles over the last few years. Consequently, requirements...

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21/10/2016 - Markus Isgro

Modular Vertical Hobbing Machine VL 4 H – Designed with the Whole Process in Mind

Gears keep the world moving. They are found absolutely everywhere, in many different shapes and made from an extremely wide range of materials. From the tiniest, most delicate gears used by watchmakers, to gears with a diameter of 16 meters used in...

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17/10/2016 - Markus Isgro

Heat-shrink: the SFC 600 makes the manufacturing of camshafts noticeably more flexible

Composite camshafts are increasing in importance, as they decrease in weight, providing more opportunities for automotive manufacturers. The heat-shrink processachieves new levels of flexibility thanks to the new SFC 600 heat-shrink machine from...

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23/09/2016 - Markus Isgro

VMC MT Series: Universal solution for large chucked parts provides maximum flexibility and efficiency

The market for commercial vehicles has seen non-stop growth in recent years, especially in Europe. The industry association ACEA estimates that around 2.08 million new trucks, vans, and buses were approved in the EU in the past year. This represents...

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17/08/2016 - Markus Isgro

EMAG at the AMB: Expansion of the Modular Product Range

The success story of EMAG's modular machines continues at AMB. The modular machine concept was introduced by EMAG in 2011 and has turned into a favorite within the market. Starting with a focus on the development of vertical turning machines, in...

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21/07/2016 - Markus Isgro

John Deere Honors EMAG with Supplier Award

During its International Supplier Meeting, John Deere as part of their “Achieving Excellence“ program, – presented EMAG with its prestigious “Partner-Level-Supplier Award“ for 2015. This Partner-Level status is the highest supplier rating that Deere...

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12/07/2016 - Markus Isgro

VM 9 Turning Center: maximum flexibility in heavy-duty machining

Massive workpieces and small batch sizes – in wind energy plants, commercial vehicle production or the aircraft industry these extremes can clash. The VM 9 turning center from EMAG not only provides a productive solution to these industry sectors,...

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22/06/2016 - Markus Isgro

Solid-State Versus Gas Lasers – Modern Laser Production Technology for Powertrain Components

Even a few years back major manufacturers utilized standard CO2 lasers in factories for welding applications. Massive systems installed in separate rooms away from the actual production process supplied the energy for what, at the time, was...

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31/05/2016 - Markus Isgro

Aviation team at EMAG ECM develops customized Aero solutions

The key components for aircraft turbines are made of high-tensile, heat-resistant materials. For example, the blade integrated discs – high-pressure compressors inside the turbine – are made of nickel-based alloys that put a lot of strain on milling...

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31/05/2016 - Markus Isgro

Modular vertical turning machines used by turning specialist Schneto AG

Schneto AG, located in idyllic Bennwil, near Basel, specializes in the production of turned parts up to 65 mm in diameter. The company has made a name for itself because of the outstanding quality of the parts it manufactures. Its output covers a...

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28/04/2016 - Markus Isgro

The VL-Series from EMAG

The vertical pick-up lathes in the VL series represent a new machine concept from the EMAG Group: modular machines. Based on the extremely successful vertical pick-up system invented by EMAG, over 20 years of experience in machine solutions was...

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23/02/2016 - Markus Isgro

The all-rounder for highly flexible shaft machining

The “FAST 2025” study by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) describes a trend towards suppliers within the automotive value-added chain. At the same time, shorter product cycles and an increasing range of models will change the...

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26/01/2016 - Markus Isgro

Impressive Technology from EMAG: Precise Electro-Chemical Machining (PECM) Replaces Engraving and Eroding

The packaging industry is a key example of the prevalent use of embossing and stamping dies. However, creating such embossing tools, with their delicate structure, to be durable against wearing during production is complex. It is easy to see how the...

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21/12/2015 - Markus Isgro

Modular manufacturing systems for the production of gears

Gear cutting requirements, for example in the manufacture of powertrain components, continue their trend of becoming increasingly stringent. Complex gearbox configurations pose enormous challenges when it comes to the quality of their components,...

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02/11/2015 - Markus Isgro

A Boost for Crankshaft Manufacturing

Grinding a crankshaft is an art in itself, as the demands made on this essential component found in every engine are huge: ever longer runtimes demand the highest precision in their manufacture. The radii not only have to be perfectly round, but the...

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23/10/2015 - Markus Isgro

Turning / milling centers for complex chucked parts

The machines in the VMC MT series are ideal production systems for chucked parts with complex geometries. Whether they are used for prototype production or for fast changes in small production runs, the VMC MT series from EMAG is ideally designed to...

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02/10/2015 - Markus Isgro

How modular machines simplify production: EMAG at EMO 2015

Modular concepts are the star at EMAG booth B23 in hall 4 at EMO 2015 where modular machines will display their flexibility to be perfectly configured for a wide array of tasks. The newest modular automation system for fast and efficient linking to...

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27/07/2015 - Markus Isgro

Increased flexibility through process integration

When the time comes to finish such hardened workpieces as shafts, a variety of processes can be used. Hard turning and scroll-free turning, for instance, are two options that can indeed be done quickly. But they can only be used if workpiece...

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21/07/2015 - Markus Isgro

Non-circular gears? No problem!

Sometimes, there is no need for consistent movement or power transmission for machines, engines and pumps. In fact, such consistent movement could cause considerable problems. For instance, consider the unfavorable effects that could arise during a...

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13/07/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Solid-state laser versus gas laser – a comparison

Even though CO2 laser technology was still dominant in for production laser welding until a few years ago, this has greatly shifted to the use of solid-state lasers. A comparison will show us why this is the case.

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06/07/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The dream of flying – at the limit of what is possible

What came first? Aluminum or the first plane? While the first plane made by the Wright brothers in 1903 still consisted of a wooden frame covered with fabric, the process of obtaining aluminum was invented 3 years earlier. The first alloy for...

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03/07/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The K 300 Hobbing Machine from KOEPFER: the universal solution for the manufacture of a multitude of geared components

The gear is one of the earliest machine components in the history of mankind. For thousands of years, gears have served the purpose of movement and power transmission – first the power of flowing water, then that of steam and today numerous kinds of...

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22/06/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

And the wheels go round and round, round and round

Be truthful, do you know how old your summer tires on your car are? How many miles you've already travelled with them or what the service life of an average tire is? Well, we can at least answer the last question: it is between roughly 25,000 and...

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08/06/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Radar, Rubies and Razors: How the Laser Learned to Shine

When Charles Hard Townes died in January 2015 there were no outpourings of grief in the media. Yet Townes, together with Nikolay Gennadiyevich Basov and Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov, won the Nobel Prize for an invention in 1964, without which the...

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01/06/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Machining gears efficiently

Nobody can say with any certainty when the first gear was invented. The only certain is that the Ancient Egyptians used the first precursors of gears to transfer rotary motion. Other historical evidence, such as the Antikythera mechanism, shows that...

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26/05/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Demand for passenger planes on the rise

It is estimated that sales of passenger aircraft will rise by 4.5% to 5% by 2030. Rising numbers of travelers on intercontinental routes and the increase of aviation in emerging nations are the main reasons for these steadily rising figures. This is...

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20/04/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VM 9 – Low-Cost Production of Small Batches

With the new VM 9 modular turning machine, EMAG has introduced a platform that covers a broad spectrum of applications thanks to the combined turning, milling and drilling technologies and intelligent machine design. The highly accessible machining...

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13/04/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

How will car connectivity change the automobile industry?

A recent study from McKinsey & Company looked at how self-driving cars will affect both the automobile industry and our daily lives. The results were multifaceted, including altering everyday tasks such as parking, where cars would automatically...

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16/03/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Chamfering of gears? Easy – if you use the right technology

Having cut a gear, your next step is to achieve a chamfer with the best contour accuracy in order to remove burrs along the tooth profile. You can basically choose between two technologies: chamfering/deburring or the CHAMFER CUT procedure developed...

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06/03/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Standard machine design proves advantageous for production lines

Production lines, which link several machines together, often pose a problem in the transporting and loading of workpieces. Many factors must be considered in planning such a line, such as the space available in the production facility, the footprint...

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22/02/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

When will hard turning and grinding combination machining be the norm?

At the end of production, workpieces must go through a grinding process to achieve the desired surface quality: this has been the standard in manufacturing for various reasons. First, hardened workpieces could not be processed with standard turning....

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19/01/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG at INTEC 2015

The new year of exhibitions and trade fairs kicks off in Germany – with INTEC, the international trade fair for machine tools and its manufacturing and automation technologies. It takes place from the 24th to the 27th of February in Leipzig. In Hall...

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06/10/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Oil field technology: the machining of threads on delivery pipes and casings perfected

Whether we are talking about North America, Asia or Russia, the oil and gas industry is possessed by a spirit of optimism. Geological discoveries have led to a massive increase in the estimated reserves of many countries. This coincides with the...

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22/09/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

AMB Highlights

At AMB in Stuttgart EMAG presented innovative manufacturing technologies and the Company’s latest machine developments. If you didn’t have a chance to visit us, experience all of the AMB highlights through our Videos, E-book and Photos.   



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04/09/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG receives once again a Creditworthiness Certificate

All signs at the EMAG Group point to growth. The company focuses on new technologies, new machines and new markets and uses the new developments made over the recent years to consolidate its position as one of the most innovative machine builders in...

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29/08/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The PMD 2 Grinding Machine from EMAG “grinds down“ the costs of crankshaft production

International competition in the automotive industry continues to increase, as do the technological demands on vehicles, and with them the costs. But increasing prices in the face of stiff competition in the market is no longer easily defensible. ...

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15/08/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VT 4-4 Vertical Turning Machine: Top efficiency rating in large volume gearbox production

The market is growing and competition intensifies. According to a study by Roland-Berger, this is how future prospects of the suppliers to the automotive industry can be summarised. The study further concludes that a market growth rate of...

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18/07/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Combined hard turning and grinding on the VLC 250 DS

The VLC 250 DS Turning and Grinding Center combines the advantages of vertical hard turning with those of grinding, making it possible for a workpiece to be complete-machined in a single setup. The result: a better quality workpiece at increased...

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24/06/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Manufacturing system for chucked components

Approximately 30 percent of the costs for mechanical engineering solutions nowadays are for IT and automation technology – a percentage that is increasing apace according to a survey the VDMA (Association of German Machine Tool Manufacturers) carried...

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20/06/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Induction hardening in gear manufacturing

The figures provided by the OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles – the International Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, in English) show clearly that the number of vehicles manufactured has noticeably increased...

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13/06/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

ECM technology from EMAG – A nearly indispensable part of any innovation in aero engine manufacturing

In only a few other branches of industry are development pressures as enormous as in aircraft construction. One of the reasons is the fact that legislation is getting ever stricter about the CO2 emission of aircrafts at the same time as market...

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30/05/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Smaller components – greater precision

The equation is remarkably simple to arrive at. When the overall weight of a car is reduced, its fuel consumption levels also decrease. According to the Forschungsvereinigung Automobiltechnik (German research association for the automotive industry)...

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22/04/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Powertrain components perfectly joined

With ever more complex constituent components and ever smaller batch sizes, powertrain production is facing many challenges. For a large number of applications in this sector the heat-shrink assembly process is almost predestined. Where control cams...

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05/03/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Commercial vehicle production: aiming to reduce component costs

The market for commercial vehicles is experiencing a lively development. For example, emerging economies have a great need for new technologies in the production of HGVs or agricultural machines, to enable them to achieve the desired growth in...

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30/01/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG at the METAV: Promoting the development of production

Shorter cycle times, flexible batch size machining and greater component quality are all demands that increase the pressure on the metalworking industry to innovate. Key sectors, such as the automotive industry, are changing rapidly. That tailor-made...

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22/01/2014 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Gear production is speeding up

Drivers have already become used to the sixth gear – and the development continues. For instance, there are plans afoot for a 9-gear transmission system for automatics gearboxes. The reason is an obvious one: it allows for the car to be driven at...

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02/09/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

eldec hardening machines: The focus in hardening is on dimensional accuracy

Shorter model life-cycles and increasing demands on quality, accompanied by many technological innovations, are driving developments in high-tech industries – such as car or aircraft manufacture – ever harder. The effect this has on the production...

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21/08/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMO 2013: VL 2 Pick-Up Turning Machine – maximal productivity inbuilt

At the EMO 2013 EMAG will be presenting the VL 2 single-spindle vertical pick-up lathe for the machining of small chucked components.

Nowadays, everywhere you turn in an industrial production environment you encounter the expression „downsizing“ –...

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23/07/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG receives creditworthiness certificate

EMAG Holding GmbH already enjoys an excellent reputation as a reliable business partner, one reason being that the focus of its corporate activities is on the customer and on stable growth. That the latter is supported by an equally stable and secure...

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20/06/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Manufacturing solutions from the EMAG Group – a partner in emerging markets

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that the world economy will grow by 3.5 percent this year, with the impetus coming less from Europe but rather more from dynamic, newly industrialised countries. One example is the automotive industry....

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17/06/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

A red hot connection

The composite camshaft is still gaining ground in the marketplace. The main reason for this is the considerable weight reduction it brings, compared to its one-piece rival. The composite version is by now also widely used in the HGV sector. However,...

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21/05/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

eldec joins the EMAG Group: mapping the entire production process

"Turnkey" is one of the defining catchwords for mechanical engineering of the future. Complex, automated production lines are designed as "turnkey" solutions. Ideally, the entire solution should come from a single source. For years, the EMAG Group...

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21/05/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The manufacture of HGV components: great quality, maximum flexibility

Demand for HGVs will massively increase over the next few years – and that increase will be worldwide. Management consultants McKinsey, for instance, are estimating that the market will grow from a present turnover of € 125 billion to € 190 billion...

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29/04/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

New production location: EMAG expands to China

For the German machine tools industry, China continues to be the most important export market. According to the German Machine Tool Builders' Association, imports from Germany to China increased by a total of 13 percent in 2012. However, the market...

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13/03/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Energy efficiency: Keeping sight of total costs

Saving energy in the metal processing industry isn't just a question of protecting the environment. For years, energy consumption has been a decisive cost factor capable of surpassing even the investment costs of the machine over the long-term....

Czytaj więcej

27/02/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VT 2-4 Vertical Turning Machine: A step-change in the production of electric motors

According to market experts the demand for electric motors is going to grow dramatically – and this at a time when the new transmission systems are becoming highly efficient. It is the express desire of the EU commission that the inefficient motors...

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25/02/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Hard turning on EMAG turning centre: as hard as it gets – and still the costs are reducing

These days, our cars are full of high-tech materials that ensure a long life for the individual components and make the car safe to drive. These materials are also less weighty, which reduces consumption levels. To ensure that they are machined in an...

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07/01/2013 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Small grinding center offers big productivity boost

Automobile manufacturers all over the world were able to enjoy an increase in their turnover figures last year! The biggest increases were experienced in the USA, China, India and Russia. However, the rapidly increasing number in vehicles also...

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28/11/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Of utmost precision and highly productive: laser welding in “Transmission Manufacture 2.0“

From Dual-Clutch Transmission to the classic differential: modern transmission...

Czytaj więcej

29/10/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

“Energy Efficiency Award“: The ZF Group honours EMAG commitment

According to the “Future Panel“ of the IW – the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (Institute for German Economic Research) –

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25/07/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Chinese automotive company opts for all-vertical shaft machining

How can an efficient production process be created at a new location in minimal time?

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18/07/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG at the AMB 2012: Universal turning solutions for manufacturing companies

Better component quality at a lower price? At the AMB Stuttgart EMAG will – from the 18th to the 22th of September 2012 – show their VL 5i, a vertical turning machine that is tailor-made to fully meet the demands of the small and medium size...

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30/05/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Every kilo shedded counts – laser welding puts the automotive industry "on a diet"

Every 100 kilograms saved in vehicle weight reduces fuel consumption by up to 0.3 liters per 100 kilometers, which is why the automotive industry examines each part to determine whether it can be made even lighter. The level of innovation behind...

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25/05/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Cooperation – the key to success

Experts estimate that every year up to two billion gears are produced worldwide. Gear production for transmission systems alone accounts for a massive number – inevitable, considering the approximately 65 million cars produced worldwide in 2011, for...

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11/05/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher


Leading supplier of machine tools partners with Oakland Community College; $200,000 agreement from Michigan New Jobs Training program to create 21 new jobs

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11/05/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher


Leading supplier of electro-chemical technologies introducing new machines for aero, auto, medical and nano markets

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11/05/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Perfect performance for turning and grinding processes

High component quality with low production costs is required in many applications involving machining chucked parts. At IMTS, September 10 – 15, 2012 in Chicago, EMAG will be showing these solutions which combine these requirements. One of the...

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11/05/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

New technologies for challenging workpieces

Increasing demands made on precision and the push for the decrease of price of modern components is pushing traditional manufacturing processes to their limits. From September 10th-15th, 2012 at IMTS in Chicago, IL, EMAG will present three production...

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03/05/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Joint “attack” on the camshaft

The international automobile market is still in the middle of a period of dynamic growth. The number of automobiles sold on a global basis rose by three percent in 2011 compared to the figure for 2010 according to the American market research...

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17/02/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Making light work of heavy-duty machining

The larger the component, the smaller the batch size – this is the way one could describe the demands made on heavy-duty machining in many branches of the industry. In fact, this simple equation provides as much of a challenge to wind turbine...

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14/02/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The VL 2 P Turning Centre chips away at production costs

For many sub-contractors of the automotive industry - and for small manufacturing companies – the cost pressure is going to increase further during 2012. At least that is the conclusion reached by an Allensbach-poll among the purchase executives of...

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10/01/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

He who brakes, wins

Brakes are used in diverse branches of industry and for a variety of applications – from forklifts to crane systems and from industrial washing machines to stage technology and wind turbines. It is these braking systems in which Precima Magnettechnik...

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10/01/2012 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Machining is enjoying a tailwind

The boom in the wind power industry shows no sign of slowing. Worldwide investment is focused on renewable energy; and wind turbines are playing an increasingly important role. One of the consequences is the increase in demand for wind turbine drive...

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22/08/2011 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Vertically into the future

Under the motto „Machines and manufacturing systems for precision metal components“ EMAG will be introducing its latest developments and “best practice” solutions on three stands at EMO 2011. Their range of exhibits will cover everything from...

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06/04/2011 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG – recipient of the “Daimler Supplier Award 2010”

Stuttgart, 18.03.2011: As part of their annual supplier conference – the “Daimler Key Supplier Meeting“ held in the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Stuttgart – Daimler AG has honoured the performance of their best suppliers with the “Daimler Supplier...

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21/03/2011 - Oliver Hagenlocher

All-in-One – in XXL format

When it comes to small batch sizes it makes sense to integrate various processes on a single machine. The less often a workpiece has to be clamped before it is finish machined, the higher the precision and the smaller the chance for errors. This was...

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26/11/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The EMAG Group invests in Asia

Within the framework of the international development of the EMAG Group, an entrepreneurial family from China has been won as an investor.

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06/10/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VLC 250 P – the idle time killer!

Radical reduction in machining times! The newly developed pick-up turning machine VLC 250 P reduces workpiece changeover times by 83% with the application of its pendulum technique. In fact, the time it takes to change a chucked workpiece is reduced...

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06/10/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Combination hard turning and grinding on the VLC 250 DS

The VLC 250 DS Turning and Grinding Center combines the advantages of vertical hard turning with those of grinding, making it possible for the workpiece to be complete-machined in a single setup. The result: a better quality of workpiece and...

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06/10/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

InLineSystem – the manufacturing concept for automated machining

EMAG will be introducing a new automation concept at the AMB – the EMAG ILS (InLineSystem). Specially developed for the machines of their Platform 250, it offers an easy, process-capable way to configure automated systems for production lines: from...

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05/07/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG ECM: With assured precision against a technical balancing act

In machining terms, deburring is certainly not a core process. On the contrary, it is still being considered a necessary evil. Despite all the other machining operations having been optimally coordinated, the deburring operation again and again...

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10/03/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG VL 5i: Time for change!

A new era is dawning at EMAG. The machine builders from Salach, who have drawn attention to themselves on more than one occasion in the past with the modular design of their machines, now present their new Platform 250 that sets the standard in...

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17/02/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

KOEPFER: New concept revolutionises conventional manufacturing strategy

Amongst other things, rationalisation potentials also arise when one combines different production processes on a single machine. Where, in addition to this, some processes can also be eliminated, this may not necessarily lead to cycle time savings,...

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15/01/2010 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: VLC 250 – universally configured to suit the production requirement

The demands made on machine tools are multilayered. Expectations today are for a flexible, highly productive and technologically sophisticated production tool. And in economically difficult times the pricing pressure increases. Taking all these...

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02/10/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG takes over Dorner GmbH

On the 1st of October 2009 EMAG took over Dorner GmbH with its headquarters at Gaildorf.

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01/10/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: A clever platform concept offers greater customer benefits

At EMO 2009 in Milano EMAG will be introducing their new vertical turning machine platform 250. With this platform the machine tool manufacturer from Salach is presenting a new generation of vertical turning machines and manufacturing systems that...

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23/09/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: New impetus for the crankshaft

The manufacture of crankshafts belongs to the “champion league” of metalworking activities owing to the crankshaft’s complex geometry and its underlying instability. It is the reason why there are so few specialists offering machines for the highly...

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26/08/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: Shaft by shaft …

With its VTC 250 L EMAG introduces its first Lean- type vertical shaft turning machine. The machine has been developed especially to serve as a stand-alone, or to be used in chaku-chaku production lines.

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12/05/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: From the simple to the highly complex: modular machine concepts for noncircular grinding must meet diverse market requirements

The grinding of noncircular contours makes particular demands on the machine tool. The manufacture of highly precise components that are also expected to meet certain aesthetic standards calls for special grinding systems.

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04/03/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

KOEPFER: The new milling head may be small, but it delivers

Till now it has been impossible to produce every gear profile in the modular range 0.3 to 3.0 on a single hobbing machine. With the development of a new milling head with corresponding software Koepfer has succeeded in combining soft milling (axial,...

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08/02/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: Innovation provides a head start

The rate of increase in productivity in the automotive industry since 2006 has been put at an average of 20%. This has been a necessary development as a weak dollar, the strengthening competition from Asian markets and the present slump in sales...

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13/01/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: Vertical machining opens up new potentials

Grinding specialists should be rethinking their plans for the future, now that EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH are relying on their VTC 315 DS for the simultaneous, vertical grinding of shaft-type components. In contrast to the conventional process,...

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15/12/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

SW: High-productivity makes it big

SW extends its BA W06 series to cover large components


The twin-spindle automatics from SW stand for high-productivity manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry. With its innovative machining center BA W06-2W SW is about to conquer the...

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07/11/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: The VL, now with Y-axis

In an effort to thoroughly explore the possibilities of the VL series the machines are continuously developed further. Now the VL has also become available with a Y-axis. This allows for the machining of very complex geometries. For instance, it can...

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07/11/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

KOEPFER: K 160 The perfect shaft in record time

The main limiting factors of throughput and reduced idle times are cutting speeds, work piece loading methodology and ease of machine setup. In high volume production these are decisive economical factors. The K 160 Gear Hobbing Machine from Koepfer...

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12/10/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

HL 1000 – Oil hole drilling in hardened crankshafts

With its HL 1000 EMAG presents an oil hole drilling machine for soft as well as hardened crankshafts.

The advantage of hard machining: fractures and hardening cracks are safely avoided.


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17/07/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Complete-machining of chucked components with the help of process combinations

The quality requirements for, in particular, components used by the automotive industry and provided by its sub-contractors are getting ever more stringent. The demand for tighter tolerances is coupled with that for greater efficiency. To fulfil...

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09/06/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG VLC 1200: Process integration instead of workpiece tourism – to make the manufacture of small batches of large chucked components economical

With its VLC 1200 Vertical Production Center EMAG extends its VLC series for the machining of large chucked components. The new VLC complete-machines chucked components with a diameter of up to 1200 mm in a single setup, replacing the vertical boring...

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06/02/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG LASER TEC - ELC 250 DUO: Complete solutions – from metal cutting to laser machining

Laser welding as a means to permanently join components has gained considerably in importance over the last few years. In many cases laser welded joints are the solution to a more compact design. It also leads to a reduction in the cost and weight of...

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25/11/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

SW - BA 321: High-technology and economics in complete harmony

The stunning concept of the two-spindle BA 321 from SW minimises costs in the high-productivity machining of steel and cast iron workpieces.


SW surprises the experts at EMO 2007 in Hanover with a special innovation: the horizontal twin-spindle BA...

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12/11/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

NAXOS-UNION - PM 2: High performance – low price

With its PM 2, NAXOS-UNION rounds down its machine programme for the grinding of crankshafts.

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26/10/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The VTC 315 DS from EMAG – the all-rounder in shaft machining

At EMO, EMAG presents the VTC 315 DS for the hard machining of shafts. With it, EMAG has – for the first time – combined all end machining processes for shafts on a vertical machine: CBN grinding, hard turning and scroll-free turning.

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24/09/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

KOEPFER - VSC 400 WF: Quick and very flexible – for high-precision gear cutting

The objective of those responsible at Koepfer was to come up with an inexpensive, uncompromising combination of fully-fledged gear hobbing and single-spindle turning. The result is the VSC 400 WF. The innovation is most convincing in its capability...

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16/08/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMO Press release: Gear Hobbing Machine 300 for gear- and shaft-type components

The gear profiling specialist Jos. Koepfer & Söhne GmbH, domiciled in Furtwangen, is presenting their Gear Hobbing Machine 300 at EMO 2007 in Hanover. The machine combines cutting edge technology with the highest degree of universality and...

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16/08/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMO Press release: The BA S03: 5-axis machining at SW

The aerospace industry considers simultaneous 5-axis machining state of the art. It is common practice in the machining of turbine buckets, impellors, bladed disks and ends. Increasingly, there are applications for this process also to be found in...

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16/08/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMO Press release: The EMAG VSC 7 Turning Center for workpieces of 340 mm diameter

The EMAG VSC 7 Turning Center, now also for workpieces of 340 mm diameter

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01/08/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMO Press release: The VL 3 Vertical Turning Center from EMAG

The standard vertical turning center for chucked components was – in appreciation of its high productivity rating, its outstanding precision and the minimal set-up times – received with great enthusiasm by large and small manufacturers and...

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20/04/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Advance notice for press: The BA 321 Twin-Spindle Horizontal Machining Center

A machine with rotary axis, compact in its design and still with the possibility to load cycle time-concurrent - that has been, till now, a contradiction in terms when talking about machining centers. But exactly that has been SW's in supplementing...

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20/04/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VG 110 - for the vertical precision machining of small chucked components

The trend towards miniaturisation of components and the simultaneously growing demands for greater precision is unmistakable. It is for these applications that EMAG developed the modular VG 110.

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01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Simultaneous internal and external grinding

Hollow shafts and similar components, on which the alignment of bore to external diameter must be of the highest precision, are being complete-machined, ready for assembly, on the HG 208 CD Center Drive Grinder. Examples of this type of work include...

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01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Special purpose machining becomes flexible

Flexible and highly efficient: SW presents the modular, scaleable BM 1250 Manufacturing System

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01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG redefines the top class of vertical turning machines

VLC 800 for the complete-machining of workpieces up to 800 mm diameter

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01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

The BA S03 series of Vertical Machining Centers from SW

The BA S03 series of Vertical Machining Centers from SW

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01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

VSC 400 DUO Vertical Multi-Tasking Production Center

VSC 400 DUO − the highly flexible twin-spindle production center for the machining of "round workpieces"

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01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Communication + PR at EMAG - The new guy is here

On 01.08.2006 Oliver Hagenlocher started as the new Manager Communication + PR at EMAG Holding GmbH. He succeeds Manfred Hekeler, who retired after many years with the EMAG Group. Herr Hagenlocher previously worked in the marketing department of...

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01/03/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG China

Since the EMAG Group?s representative office in Shanghai was opened in 2003 EMAG China has grown steadily. As early as November 2004 the office was upgraded, to become the marketing company EMAG Machine Tools (Taicang) Co. Ltd.

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