Perfecting the Finish-Machining of Turbocharger Shafts

14/10/2019 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Production System: Perfecting the Finish-Machining of Turbocharger Shafts

The production of turbochargers is one of the most demanding tasks in automotive engineering: High-strength materials, precise geometric requirements, large quantities and price pressure are key challenges for OEMs and suppliers. The continual pressure to downsize in the automotive industry, paired with the increased demand for high performance parts, with smaller displacement, is putting...

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VT series: 4-Axis machining of transmission shafts

09/09/2019 - Markus Isgro

Vertical turning center for shafts: 4-axis machining of rotor shafts, transmission shafts and more

The VT 200 shaft turning center delivers top performance in high-volume series shaft production.

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VMC 450-5 MT turning/milling center – Tool magazine with up to 80 tool posts

29/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

VMC 450-5 MT Turning/Milling Center – Five Axes for Dramatically Shorter Machining Processes in the Production of Large Parts

Large components and complex geometries—in heavy machining, this combination is far from rare and is always synonymous with a high expenditure of time and rising costs. A primary reason for this is that the variety of machining processes required, from turning to gear cutting, are typically performed on different machines that are not completely linked with one another. Additionally, the variety...

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LC 4-2 laser cleaning machine from EMAG LaserTec

23/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

Laser Cleaning Machine of EMAG LaserTec: LC 4-2 Laser Cleaning Machine for implementation in Manufacturing Lines or as a Standalone Machine

EMAG LaserTec is known first and foremost for highly productive laser welding systems. The focus is indeed on the word “system”: In addition to the actual welding process, steps that occur upstream or downstream of the welding are frequently integrated as well. Proper cleaning of the workpieces prior to welding is an important process step, as this determines the resulting quality. Impurities from...

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The PI 800 ECM / PECM machine offers the user a choice of two modules.

20/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

PI 800—Modular ECM / PECM Machine: Completing complex machining tasks very efficiently with an electrochemical process

Anyone who has had a closer look at the ECM process knows that it is an innovative technology. In order to make manufacturing with PECM even more accessible, EMAG ECM, headquartered in Gaildorf, near Schwäbisch Hall in Germany, has developed a new machine—the PI 800—which boasts a modular and compact design.

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MIND-L 1000 hardening machine from EMAG eldec

12/08/2019 - Markus Isgro

The new MIND-L 1000 from EMAG eldec: Lower cost of investment and increased productivity in induction hardening

Precisely timed cycles, extremely accurate heating patterns and perfect integration in the production process—the advantages that induction hardening provides propel the implementation of the process in many application areas in the automotive industry: An increasing number of drive train, steering, transmission and engine components are induction hardened. Against this background, the newly...

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