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VL 6 - Vertical Lathe

VL 6 - Vertical Lathe

VL 6 – Vertical Lathe for the Machining of Heavy Workpieces up to 300 mm in Diameter

The VL 6 vertical lathe machine offers the same features as the newest EMAG modular designs in a vertical turning machine for larger, heavy workpieces. Equipped with a standard workpiece conveyor and pick-up spindle, the cnc lathe machine loads itself with minimized chip-to-chip times. With a machine base made of the polymer concrete MINERALIT®, a material well-known for its excellent damping quality, it offers extended tool life and outstanding surface finishes.

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Vertical Lathe with Pick-Up Automation for Efficient Machining

With the goal to develop a system of modular machines ideal for use in the manufacturing of medium and large batch runs, one common feature of all the new EMAG modular machines is the basic, compact design. Their small footprint means reduced floor space costs and flexibility in machine layout (for example, Chaku Chaku or closed loop arrangement). Every VL vertical lathe features an integrated O-automation system for transporting workpieces on its left-hand side. When combined with the self-loading pick-up spindles, this automation concept ensures short cycle times and high productivity.

To accommodate machine operators, all the service units are easily within reach, with various units (electrics, hydraulics, cooling system, cooling lubricant and central lubrication system) accessible at any time so that the vertical lathes can be maintained with ease. With low maintenance costs due to the use of standardized components, excellent accessibility, reduced floor space costs, integrated automation and short cycle/idle times bringing the cost per unit to a minimum, the goal of EMAG vertical lathes is clear: cost saving without compromising quality.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
Workpiece dia., max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Y-axis travel (optional) mm
± 30
± 1
Z-axis travel mm
Main spindle: Power rating at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle kW
39 / 28
52.5 / 37.5
Main spindle: Torque at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle Nm
460 / 340
339.5 / 251
Main spindle: Speed, max. rpm 3,100

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  • Integrated measuring (optional)
  • Small footprint
  • Very short chip-to-chip times
  • Ideal chip flow conditions
  • High degree of availability
  • Short travel time for loading and machining, resulting in shortest possible cycle times
  • Automatic workpiece changeover
  • Integrated automation, low capital outlay



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