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VLC 500

VLC 500 Vertical Multifunction Production Machine

The VLC vertical turning center has a sturdy MINERALIT® machine base made of high quality polymer concrete. This type of construction guarantees high precision, outstanding surface finish and extended tool life when machining chucked parts. VLC production machines with optional drilling, milling or grinding spindles – which can also be used in pairs – offer a combination of turning and machining operations for the complete machining of round and non-round parts.

As always at EMAG, automation is an integral part of VLC machines.

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Combined Turning and Machining Center: VLC Production Machines

These multifunction production machines with gantry design have a high chip capacity and are ideal for the complete machining of large parts. Technology integration allows for complete machining in a single setup. Soft and hard machining, interrupted cuts, turning, drilling, milling, grinding, and heavy-duty machining are all carried out with outstanding precision.

Work spindle and workpiece travel in the X- and Z-axes, optionally also in Y. The tooling systems of the vertical turning centers can be used in shuttle mode, for either serial or parallel operations, for which an optional second X-axis is available. With the work spindle and workpiece positioned overhead and the tools aligned underneath, chips fall easily into the chip conveyor below.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm

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  • Loading and unloading, machining and measuring: all on a single machine
  • Complete-machining (with optional Y-axis): integration of turning, grinding and milling technologies
  • 6 to 8 times the vibration dampening effect of cast iron machine bases with MINERALIT® polymer concrete
  • Ideal chip flow conditions, as the tools are located below the workpiece
  • The hydro-static bearings of the work spindle in Z-axis guarantee outstanding component quality and an extended tool life for soft and hard machining
  • All machine assemblies with a bearing on accuracy are fluid-cooled


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