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ELC 250 DUO Laser Welding System for Powertrain Components

The ELC 250 DUO is a compact laser welding system used for the production of gear components. The ELC laser welding system is designed as a DUO alternative with twin spindles. Its two-station operation makes it possible to load and unload the spindles synchronously with the cycle time.

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Turn-Key Welding System for the Laser Welding of Differential Gear Housings

The ELC 250 DUO laser welding system, developed and built by EMAG LaserTec, is focused on productivity. The dual-spindle construction of the laser welding system, combined with the state-of-the-art EMAG pick-up principle of self-loading spindles, allows for fully automated use of the laser welding machine both as a stand-alone machine as well as in a production line.

Using the pick-up spindles offers a variety of advantages: First, this principle allows for the use of fixed lenses since it is the workpiece that moves, not the tool. It also allows for a parallel cycle time for loading and unloading, reducing idle times. There are also major safety advantages gained with the use of the fixed lenses. Primarily that the lasers are always pointed inside the machine, guaranteeing the best protection for the user. Additionally, the beam guidance resulting from this and the selective extraction prevents contamination of the lenses during the welding process.

The ELC 250 DUO laser welding system can be equipped with the latest laser technology depending on the requirements of the component and the customer's specifications. It should be noted that although the process takes place at two stations in the ELC 250 DUO, only one laser source is necessary. The laser is simply switched back and forth between both welding stations. The laser's switching between the focusing optics is controlled by a beam switch. The occupancy rate for the laser is therefore optimized, increasing productivity during laser welding.

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  • Extensive integration of workhandling and laser-welding reduces the number of machining operations in the production process
  • A CNC mating press joins synchro and gearwheel
  • The joining process is monitored by an integrated force/stroke monitor
  • Magnetic preheating of demanding components (without adverse effect on the cycle time)
  • Optimized workholding technology reduces distortion of the synchro
  • The use of state-of-the-art CO2 lasers with the best beam quality results in perfect welding seams
  • All quality-defining parameters are NC-controlled and can be reproduced at any time
  • To safeguard your production actual values are monitored
  • Can be integrated into any automation system
  • The space-saving, compact design reduces the installation effort and increases reliability
  • High productivity due to short idle times and fast, safe set-ups


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