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VA 700 T

The VA 700 T Camshaft Joining Machine makes it possible to build optimized Camshafts.

The VA 700 T camshaft joining machine features our patented thermal, stress-free joining process combining precision and flexibility for the heat shrink technology of components (cams, bearing rings, sensor wheels, etc.) onto camshafts.

Cost efficiency is achieved due to the modular design with short cycle times and quick retooling times.

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EMAG VA 700 T Camshaft Joining Machine features our patented thermal, stress-free joining process

The VA 700 T camshaft joining machine affords users absolute freedom in the construction of camshafts. The camshaft joining machine enables, for example, different materials to be combined within one camshaft. This makes it possible, for instance, to use suitable materials for valve cams, bearing rings and pump cams; separately produce them; and, in the end, assemble an optimum camshaft using the VA 700 T camshaft joining machine. Compared with a forged camshaft, the benefits are immediately clear: A shortened process stream with production solutions perfectly tailored to individual components and, as a result, the best possible quality.

Technical Data

Workpiece length, max. mm
Joining parts diameter, max. mm
Joining parts individual weight, max. kg
Total component weight, max. kg

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  • A reduction in costs
  • A reduction in component weight
  • The cams can be of different materials
  • Greater flexibility in production
  • New cam geometries, such as negative radii, can easily be accommodated


Heat Shrink Assembly En



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