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EMAG Vertical Multifunctional Production Machines VLC 250 DS

EMAG Vertical Multifunctional Production Machines VLC 250 DS

Vertical turning and grinding centers – working processes and technologies optimally employed

The vertical turning and grinding centers has been designed for the process-capable, low-cost, precision manufacture of medium and large component batches. This applies in particular to the VLS 250 DS. Typical work pieces processed on the turning and grinding centers are gearwheels, sprockets, sliding sleeves, components for CVTs, link pins, con-rods, rocker arms, bearing rings and piston rings.

The machining process is chosen based on the workpiece and its quality requirements. The advantage for the customer is the flexibility of the machine. The machining process is chosen based on the requirements for the workpiece: hard turning, scroll-free turning or grinding – combined in all vertical turning and grinding centers.

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VLC 250 DS – Grinding Centers combination of turning & grinding

The turning and grinding centers VLC 250 DS with its vertical work spindle and its tools positioned below the work piece offers the best possible chip flow conditions, an important requirement for combination machines, like our Grinding centers.

All machine modules are mechanically sturdy and particularly vibration resistant. This is augmented by the machine base in MINERALIT® polymer concrete, with its great vibration dampening properties. A certain characteristic of the vertical turning and grinding centers. The tooling systems are firmly anchored in the machine base of the grinding centers and provide a stable basis for demanding turning and grinding operations. An important precondition for time-saving hard pre-turning work and for achieving the best surface finish with a hard finish-turning or grinding operation.

The pick-up technique employed on the VLC 250 DS Turning and Grinding Center ensures that the machine loads itself. Gantry loaders or other cost-intensive, space-devouring loading devices that involve time consuming resetting work are a thing of the past. The VLC 250 DS is the ideal machine to handle complex manufacturing processes. Whether there is a call for turning work at high chip removal rates or for the somewhat gentler grinding operation – the machine, like all vertical turning and grinding centers, covers a wide range of applications. The advantage is obvious: complete-machining in a single setup, and thus the elimination of reclamping errors. Measuring operations too can be included. This would ensure optimal integration of a quality control function into the overall process.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
250 / 315
10 / 12.5
Swing diameter mm
Workpiece diameter, nominal mm
X-axis travel mm
Y-axis travel mm
± 100
± 4
Z-axis travel mm

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  • Vertical hard turning and finish-grinding in one setup on one machine
  • Those sections of the workpiece which can be turned with process integrity are hard finish-turned and only ground (after hard pre-turning) where quality and process integrity demand
  • Improved component quality and higher output rates, because the workpiece is machined in a single setup
  • The grinding process only removes a little material, which means that there is little wear to the grinding wheel and it does not have to be dressed very often. This offers cycle time advantages


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