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Electrochemical Machining (ECM) Systems for ECM Drilling and ECM Deburring

The basic principle of the ECM (electrochemical machining) system is polarization of the workpiece (positive) and the tool (negative), a process generated by a direct current or pulse source. An electrolyte solution flows between the two, leading to metal ions dissolving from the workpiece. 

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CS ECM Systems – A "Soft" Process for Chip-Free ECM Drilling without Drill Caps

The Comfort Standard (CS)  is the best introduction to the automation of ECM (electro-chemical machining) processes. 

  • Modular machine concept
  • Intelligent software and hardware interfaces
  • Starting with manual/semi-automatic operation, the system can be quickly upgraded to full automation 

The comfort standard machine was designed with a modular automation concept. It saves on capital outlay, because further investment is only required when an increase in production calls for the linking of a number of processes (e.g. pre-cleaning, ECM station 1, ECM station 2, secondary treatment). 

The CS ECM systems from EMAG ECM are ideal for ECM drilling, deburring and machining the widest range of components. Since there is no mechanical nor thermal stress on the component, this can be described as a very "soft" process. With ECM drilling, the tool cathode simply maps the desired drill hole in the workpiece. Material is therefore only removed at the desired points – and with no chips, burrs or drill caps. This, of course, simplifies the production work flow for the components because the deburring processes previously required no longer play a role. This makes the process stream significantly leaner and more stable, easier to handle and faster. 

The high speed of the ECM system is achieved by parallelizing drilling processes.  More than 20 drilling operations can be simultaneously performed on the ECM system, leading to a significant reduction in cycle times. Material hardness has no influence on the feed.

Technical Data

Machining area mm 1.150 x 950
Vertical travel mm
DC Power max. V / A 25-55 / 400-5.000
Pulsed Power max. A 12.000
Elektrolyte - NaNO3 / NaCl
Operating pressure bar 10

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  • Siemens touch-screen panel
  • Scalable generator technology
  • Conductance monitor
  • Temperature control
  • pH-value control with acid metering
  • Quill stroke with safety interlock
  • Two-handed control button operation
  • Automation interfaces included


E C M Broschuere G B



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