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EMAG VirtualMachine – quick and secure setup of complex production processes

Simulation of NC programs to check complex machining processes

Simulation on EMAG's VirtualMachine enables a detailed observation of production processes, making it possible to optimize them long before the first real part is set up on an EMAG machine. This allows new workpieces to be set up quickly and reliably, already fully optimized.

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  • Simulation of the cutting processes
  • Collision checking and collision monitoring
  • Quick and simple setup of new workpieces by verifying the process earlier on the computer
  • Simulation under realistic conditions with an actual Siemens 840 D control
  • Tooling times minimized by checking the process on the computer
  • Process optimization, leading to increase in productivity
  • Optimized 3D model including all the machine parameters required for the simulation

System requirements

  • Siemens NX9
  • VNCK – Virtual NC Controller Kernel
  • Windows 7 or higher


Solutions E N

Solutions E N


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