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EMAG SolidProcess – optimizing gear hobbing processes automatically

Gears usually have to be produced in large batch sizes. To keep the quality of parts constant, EMAG KOEPFER has developed SolidProcess, a software solution to enable continuous and automated optimization of the tooth cutting processes.

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SolidProcess – optimization of hobbing process by post-process measurement of toothing with measurement feedback and automatic correction

Post-process measurement of the toothing and automatic correction

SolidProcess is used to continuously record measurements of the dimension over balls or the base tangent length of machined workpieces. The gear hobbing machine may be equipped with a measuring device, or the measurement can be done using external measuring systems. The data thus obtained is then compared with the nominal dimension and the tolerance limits that are saved in the machine control.

A measuring device integrated into the machine (or alternatively an external one) measures the hobbed teeth, either continuously or at intervals, during production. The nominal dimension and the tolerance limits are entered in the machine control. The machine control software assesses the measurement and corrects the infeed (the X-axis) automatically as needed. All the assessment factors and measuring intervals can be defined individually for each application.

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  • Stable tooth cutting processes
  • Documentation of all measurement results for quality assurance
  • Easier compliance with tight tolerances, e.g. for soft finish-hobbing, allowing the hard fine-machining processes to be optimized through precise pre-machining
  • Reduction of negative effects on the tooth cutting result from tool wear
  • Closed-loop quality assurance system – manual correction no longer required
  • Optimum cutting results assured

System requirements

  • Measuring device in the EMAG KOEPFER gear hobbing machine
  • Control: Siemens 840 D, Fanuc 32i, BWO 920, BWO Vector


Solidprocess E N

Solidprocess E N


pdf | 1,22 MB

Solutions E N

Solutions E N


pdf | 1,75 MB


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