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The EMAG Group is one of the few suppliers of manufacturing systems that cover the whole process chain, from soft to hard machining. Access to a wide range of technologies (turning, drilling, milling, gear cutting, grinding, laser welding, ECM deburring, PECM machining, induction hardening and automations) allows EMAG to implement complete process chains not only for the manufacture of gearbox, engine and chassis components but also of components for the non-automotive sector.

A company steeped in tradition with global headquarters in Salach, Germany, the EMAG Group capitalizes on the collective knowledge of its technology companies to offer modular and custom innovative manufacturing systems with world-class precision.

EMAG Group - Corporate Video

EMAG Group - Corporate Video

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EMAG is looking back on an eventful history. Over the past 150 years, the world has changed fundamentally, more than once. EMAG would not be here today if we, the management and employees, together, had not responded to the changes with innovation and drive. Due to the changes in the automotive industry and, even more so, due to the developments since the beginning of 2020, the world is now facing new major changes. Along with the world, so is the EMAG Group, which has been challenged to find solutions for these changes.

ONE EMAG is our response to the major changes our society will face in the coming decade. We want to meet these changes as ONE EMAG.

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Turning turned on its head - from innovative idea to market leader!

Introduced in 1992, pick-up turning machines, and its evloution to multi-functional production centers, have become an indispensible part of batch production, especially in the automotive industry for OEMs and their suppliers. EMAG is the world's leading manufacturer of this new generation of pick-up machines.


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Quality and environmental management

EMAG Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been DIN EN ISO 14001 certified since mid-2004.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The EMAG Group's objective is to avoid adding to environmental pollution wherever possible. Where it is not possible, we intend to continue to reduce harmful emissions, waste, noise pollution, energy consumption and resource absorption with the aid of the best technology available.


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