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VDZ 220 / VDZ 220 DS

Single-spindle and double-spindle VDZ 220 and VDZ 220 DS CNC vertical lathes

The modular machine concept allows numerous variations for diverse applications: The CNC vertical lathes of the single-spindle variant VDZ 220 and the double-spindle VDZ 220 DS are real function miracles.

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Many equipment options

A whole range of equipment options are available for customer-specific configurations: from the turret machine via milling spindles up to special modules for ball turning, bearing track milling and hobbing. An additional Y axis in the main spindle with a stroke of 200 mm ensures high productivity for complex processing.

Machine bed made of Hydropol

The machine bed made of Hydropol (special concrete and steel) ensures excellent vibration damping and an excellent static dynamic stiffness – for highly accurate results.

Performance data of the VDZ 220 and VDZ 220 DS CNC vertical lathes:

  • Low space requirement thanks to the compact design
  • For workpieces up to 200 mm of height and 250 mm of diameter
  • Turning diameter 260 mm
  • Speed up to 5,500 rpm
  • Single-spindle as VDZ 220 or doubly productive as the double-spindle VDZ 220 DS
  • Spindle hole 75 mm
  • Latest synchronous drive technology with a performance of 38 of kW and 300 Nm nominal torque
  • Rapid traverse rates up to 60 m/min
  • For tools (powered/not powered) up to 240 mm in length
  • NC turret with 12 compartments – the VDI 40 holder is integrated into the machine bed
  • Modular machine concept for a wide range of applications
  • Optional Y axis with a traverse of +100/-80mm
  • Quick loading and unloading using NC-controlled rotary shuttle
  • Easily accessible work area with room for additional tools
  • Glass scales in all axes
  • Two-sided / twin machining thanks to the integrated "pick and place" setup


Processing examples show the performance of the VDZ 220 and VDZ 220 DS CNC vertical lathes: Ball retainers, ball hubs, gear wheels, sliding sleeves, pump wheels, flanges, synchronous rings, bearing rings and joint pins.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Drive power (100%ED) kW
Torque, max. Nm
RPM, max. rpm 5,500
X-axis travel mm
Y-axis travel mm
± 100
± 4
Z-axis travel mm
Tool system* VDI 40
*= Variations possible. For further information in respect of technical data please address our competent contact persons.

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