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VL 2 – Vertical Turning Machines

VL 2 – Vertical Turning Machines

VL 2 – Vertical Pick-Up Turning Machine for Chucked Components up to 100 mm in Diameter

A stable machine structure, dynamic axes and ease of operation - these are the outstanding features of the VL series vertical turning machines. Based on a completely new modular machine concept, VL 2 vertical lathes make it possible to utilize various production technologies for soft and hard machining with integrated automation and a pick-up spindle, all while providing the best value for the investment.

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VL 2 Turning Machine for Efficient Machining with Top Precision

Three axes + turret with up to twelve driven tools + automation.

The basic VL 2 machine, a three-axis inverted vertical turning machine, has an eye-catching design. The lathe's basis is the machine body made of MINERALIT® polymer concrete. The working spindle is mounted on the front of the machine bod y on a compound slide, which completes movements in the X- and Z-axes. The turret is located below the working spindle and can hold up to twelve turning or driven tools. In addition, the VL 2 cnc turning machine can be equipped with a Y-axis in the turret.

The lathes are also ideally designed for use in assembly line production, as the VL 2 turning machines can be linked with simple automation components, such as conveyors , flip-over units, and changers.

Workpieces that can be machined with the lathe include flanges and gears. Here, combining the vertical lathes with other modular machines offers an efficient way to implement an assembly line for gears, for example. The cnc turning performed by the VL 2 is complemented by a subsequent process on a VL 4 H for the tooth hobbing and the use of a VLC 100 C for chamfering.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
Workpiece dia., max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Y-axis travel (optional) mm
± 50
± 2
Z-axis travel mm
Main spindle: Power rating at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle kW
18 / 14
24.5 / 18.5
Main spindle: Torque at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle Nm
77 / 59
57 / 43.5
Main spindle: Speed, max. rpm 6,000

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    • Simple automation concept = high availability
    • Integrated automation, automatic workpiece changing
    • Short distances for machining and loading, and therefore very short cycle times
    • High strength and excellent damping thanks to the machine body made of MINERALIT® polymer concrete
    • Ideal chip flow conditions
    • Small footprint, 5 m² machine installation area
    • All service units are freely accessible
    • Simple tool changing, just 270 mm distance to tool turret

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