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Maximum Efficiency in Shaft Production – VT 4 Lathes

Short cycle times, high precision and safe processes are what distinguish shaft machining on VT series turning centers. In these turning centers, traditional horizontal machining has literally been put on its head.

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Turning centers for demanding shaft production

The VT 4 or the VTC 200 (identical to the VT 4 though equipped with a Siemens control unit) is designed for shaft parts up to 630 mm in length and up to 200 mm in diameter. Two tool turrets with eleven tool posts each are available to perform the machining (one tool post on each turret is occupied by the workpiece gripper). This enables simultaneous four-axis machining of workpieces from two sides.

Demanding machining tasks in shaft production can be performed directly with the VT 4/VTC 200 turning centers.

Components costs are massively reduced during production, because the chip-to-chip times are extremely low with these turning centers: Workpiece grippers transfer the raw parts into the turning center and pick them up again after machining. Depending on the workpiece, this changeover time lasts only about six seconds. Even the actual turning process is completed very fast. The component is machined simultaneously from two sides using 4-axis machining. The vertical arrangement of the component ensures long-lasting process reliability—the free downward chip flow avoids chip build-up in the machine compartment.

In the VT turning centers, automatic loading and unloading is an integral part of the machine, a full-featured automation system is already available. The workpiece grippers in the two turrets move the raw parts from the workpiece conveyor into their vertical position in the turning center. The conveyor is implemented in the form of an incremental chain conveyor with workpiece carriers.
Various workpiece lengths and diameters are defined in the NC part program.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
Gripper diameter, max. mm
Workpiece dia., max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm
Main spindle: Power rating at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle kW ./ hp 38/29 ./ 51/39
Main spindle: Torque at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle Nm ./ ft-lb 250/200 ./ 184/148
Main spindle: Speed, max. rpm 4,500

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  • Reduced cycle times due to four-axis machining
  • Shorter idle times thanks to cycle-time concurrent loading and unloading of the components
  • Lower investment costs through integrated automation
  • Now also with standard preparation (“tunnel”) for integration in the TrackMotion automation system


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