• CNC turning center for chucked parts VLC 100
    VLC 100
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    VLC 200 GT
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    VLC 100 GT
  • CNC turning center for chucked parts VLC 200
    VLC 200
  • Pick-up turning center for chucked parts VLC 300
    VLC 300
  • Vertical turning center for chucked parts VLC 400
    VLC 400
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    VLC 250
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VLC 250

VLC 250 Vertical Multifunctional Production Machines

The VLC 250 vertical turning center has been designed for various manufacturing technologies. The machine was developed to be flexible and its powerful technology modules ensure that the manufacture of different workpieces remains cost effective.

Whether turning and milling operations with high chip removal or gentle grinding operations are required, the VLC 250 production machine allows the application of almost any machining technology.

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VLC 250 Vertical Turning Center – Universal Application and Flexibility

The VLC 250 vertical turning center is a cross-operated, vertical manufacturing system with its universal application being one of its main assets. The application determines the number and position of turrets and the type of automation needed.

The production machine concept also accommodates different machining technologies, such as turning, drilling, grinding, milling and the use of multiple technology units with a tool changer.

Technical Data

Chuck diameter, max. mm
250 / 315
10 / 12.5
Workpiece diameter, max. mm
Swing diameter mm
X-axis travel mm
1,400 / 1,600
55 / 63
Y-axis travel mm
± 100
± 4
Z-axis travel mm

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  • Multifunctional production system: turning, drilling, milling, grinding, etc.
  • Operator comfort and accessibility
  • Complete-machining in a single setup eliminates clamping errors
  • Machine base and compound slide in MINERALIT® provide excellent vibration damping and thermal stability
  • Integrated measuring ensures a high degree of process integrity
  • Standardized automation modules for great flexibility
  • Ideal chip flow conditions – chips fall unhindered to the bottom
  • The compact design provides for a small footprint


Vlc 250 En

Vlc 250 En


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