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UBF 21

Beveling machine for the effective chamfering of pipes

During the design of the UBF 21, the pipe beveling design team at EMAG focused on machine rigidity and vibration damping while also attempting to maintain the simple, sturdy construction. The polymer concrete MINERALIT® base of the beveling machine is perfect for maintaing rigidity and vibration damping and together with its powertrain ensures the highest metal removal rates, even under difficult operating conditions.

The EMAG beveling machine offers a welding preparation that chamfers pipe ends up to 20 inches in diameter.

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UBF 21 Beveling machines, for the chamfering of pipe ends up to 20 inches

The tried and tested machining principle for stationary pipes ensures easy assembly of the machine components as well as the shortest possible idle times. The complete pipe end machining process – external, face and internal chamfer – is completed in a single setup. In fact, the UBF 21 series of beveling machines is perfect for the machining of all chamfers to API, ASME, GOST and even proprietary specification.

In accordance with the job requirements, the pipes are quickly and safely clamped in a fixture located in the chamfering machine. The main drive of the face plate consists of an electric motor with gearbox. During the machining process the chamfering machine is completely covered in order to meet the highest safety standards. All these characteristics guarantee a minimal Total Cost of Ownership. 

Technical Data

Nominal diameter Inch 2 ⅜ – 20
Z-axis travel mm
Center height mm
Power rating of main drive unit kW
80 / 150
107.5 / 201

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