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ELC 200 H

ELC 200 H – Laser Welding Machine for the Manufacture of Drive Shafts, Universal Joint Shafts, Steering Shafts ...

The laser welding machine ELC 200 H is designed in accordance with the EMAG principle of a platform strategy with corresponding automation solutions. This ensures that the laser welding machines can use a shuttle or robots to achieve high output rates. But there is also the question of flexible productivity. It is important that these laser welding machines can, without any problem, be incorporated into production lines – one of the reasons why laser welding is taking over from electron beam welding.

With floor-to-floor times of max ten seconds and batch sizes of up to a million components per annum, automated laser welding has a productivity rating that is difficult to surpass.

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Weight-optimised Machining of Shafts on the ELC 200 H Laser Welding Machine

The laser welding machine ELC 200 H is suitable for workpieces such as drive shafts, universal joint shafts, steering shafts and similar components.

It allows for the use of lasers in applications that have previously been reserved for other welding processes, for example friction welding and magnet-arc welding. Here too, the advantages of the pick-up principle come to the fore: workpiece transport to and from the machining area is very simple, as the machine loads itself. The horizontal spindle and the NC tailstock allow for whole component families of different workpiece lengths to be machined with great flexibility; and resetting the machine for a different workpiece geometry is accomplished in next to now time.

High-precision laser welding machines

That precision does not suffer at the hands of high productivity levels is confirmed by the use of this process on gear shafts: A gear has to be fitted to the end of a hollow gear shaft of 600 mm length. First, the gear is finish machined, including heat treatment. The concluding operation in the process chain calls for the hollow shaft with induction-hardened spline to be joined with and welded to the gear. This process is not allowed to cause even the slightest heat damage to the gearing – something that is only possible because laser welding is such a precise and efficient process. It lets you weld deeply enough to transmit certain torques to the component and thus minimise the heat input, preventing a loss of component quality and even possible damage



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