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W 27, W 37, W 50

W 27, W 37, and W 50 Production CNC Cylindrical Grinders from EMAG Weiss

These mass production cylindrical grinders from EMAG Weiss stand out from the competition because of the machines high performance and flexibility. All of these machines are designed specifically for your requirements, and are engineered, built and put into operation (including automation) by EMAG Weiss.

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W27/W37/W50—Economical Solutions Mass Production Cylindrical Grinding

With its W series (W 27/W 37/W 50), EMAG Weiss offers the perfect machine for the economical cylindrical grinding of parts with medium and high-volume production.

With its large number of available options, this type of machine is configurable to fit a wide range of components in highly diverse manufacturing scenarios.

The centerpiece of these production CNC cylindrical grinders is the fast CNC control unit with a Sercos 3 interface. This is where the customized design of the machines comes into play with its user-oriented operator interface and software, such as DXF converter. Customization is also possible for the automation solutions (ex. gantry loader), which are entirely controlled by this unit.

The grinding headstock with a hydrodynamic plain bearing can drive grinding wheels up to 250 mm (10 in) in width and up to 750 mm (30 in) in diameter at a maximum output of 45 kW (60 hp).

The workpiece headstock comes with a standard MK4 – MK 6 spindle socket, but it can also be equipped with special sockets. The precision spindle bearing allows for radial running with a precision of 0.5 μm and a speed of 2,000 rpm. The workpiece placed between the tips can weigh up to 250 kg (551 lbs).

The tailstock, which can be operated both manually and using a foot switch, has an MK4 quill socket and a quill stroke of 45 mm (2 in).

Technical Data

Grinding length, max. mm
650 / 2,000
25.5 / 78.5
Center height mm
180 / 320
7 / 12.5
Grinding Ø external mm
1 / 400
0 / 15.5
max. workpiece weight floating MK4 kg
max. workpiece weight between centres kg

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  • Entirely engineered by EMAG Weiss
  • Integration of automation system in control unit
  • Flexible machine system owing to a great number of options
  • High-output cylindrical grinding for medium and high-volume production


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