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VLC 100 G - Vertical Grinding Machine

VLC 100 G - Vertical Grinding Machine

Vertical grinding machine VLC 100 G for single-spindle vertical grinding

Need maximum precision? No problem with the vertical grinding machine VLC 100 G. This machine provides perfect conditions for the highly productive automated grinding of chuck parts up to 100 mm in diameter and can be combined perfectly with EMAG VL 2 turning machines.

This results in extremely compact production systems which can be adjusted flexibly to your machining requirements. Like all machines in the VL series, the aim is quite clear – short idle times and maximum productivity.

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The grinding machine loads itself with a pick-up-system

The production of small chuck components often involves very large quantities – cam rings, pump rings, cams, gear wheels and other chuck components with different internal and external contours.

The vertical grinding machine VLC 100 G has been specially developed for the productive and high precision manufacture of these components. The grinding machine loads itself with a pick-up-system and while one component is being ground, the operator or an automation system can place the next raw part on the revolving transport belt. This considerably reduces the machine’s downtimes.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Machining diameter, max. mm
Grinding length, max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm

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  • Integrated automation, short distances = Short chip-to-chip times
  • Vertical machining = Chips fall down unhindered
  • Small footprint = Operation of multiple machines taking up minimum floor space
  • Optimum accessibility = Quick machine set-up
  • Complete machining in a single clamping operation = Maximum precision



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