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RD 430

Grinding Machine for Impression Cylinders

Highest productivity and integration of different processes on one machine. With the double-head grinding machine RD 430 / 460, NAXOS-UNION now offers state-of-the-art technology for the grinding of large impression cylinders.

The development of the grinding machine RD 430 / 460 called for a number of demanding technological challenges to be overcome. The specific geometry of the impression cylinders and their multitude of diameters needed to be taken into account and the high demands made on their precision to be met.

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Grinding Machine for big Impression Cylinders

The grinding machine RD 430, for the machining of impression cylinders of up to 3,000 mm length and 1,000 mm diameter.

This twin head grinder features two independent grinding units. Linear motors and hydrostatic guideways in all axes make for high output rates and outstanding quality. What is better still is that the grinding machine RD 430 complete-machines impression cylinders are in a single set-up: lateral surface and transition edge. Once wear is detected on the grinding wheel it is automatically dressed using diamond dressing rolls. An in-process absolute measuring device will also detect non-continuous surfaces. Thus we have quality assurance built in! The use of linear motor technology in the machining of the impression cylinders allow for the use of the highly dynamic out-of-round grinding process.

The almost floating linear motor ensures precision control of the grinding slide, without any backlash. This allows for the grinding machine to work at higher and consequently more efficient speeds. However, the use of linear motors in the machining of impression cylinders also set another challenge, where the lateral surface of the impression cylinder shows a gap, the transitional edge of between 60˚ and 80˚ needs to be chamfered. Up to now this had to be done separately, on another grinder. The RD 430 grinding machine for impression cylinders does this in a single setup on the same grinding machine. In other words the surface of the cylinder is first cylinder-ground, after which process the grinding wheel moves inside to chamfer the incidental edge. 

Technical Data

Workpiece length, max. mm
Workpiece dia., max. mm
720 / 1,000
28.5 / 39.5
Grinding wheel dia. mm
Workpiece weight, max. kg

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  • Two independent grinding units ensure highest productivity levels (single wheel head on request)
  • Contour-controlled grinding of the leading edges and finishing of the camber in a single operation
  • Grinding of the taper with numerically controlled swivelling of the wheel
  • Grinding with corundum and CBN wheels
  • In-process measuring control for diameters of between 40 and 1000 mm, also over breaks in the surface
  • Linear motor technology and hydrostatic guideways


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