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HG 208 CD

External Cylindrical Grinding Machines

For hollow shafts and similar components when the bore and O / D have to be precisely aligned, the workpieces are complete-machined – i.e. ready to install – on the HG 208 CD Center Drive Grinder. Possible components are the gear shafts used in transmission systems for modern passenger cars.

The External Cylindrical Grinder simultaneously grinds the hollow shafts internally and externally, in a single set-up. This method is considerably more precise than grinding the component on two separate machines.

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The EMAG Grinder HG 208 CD – External and Internal Machining in a Single Set-Up

The External Cylindrical Grinder HG 208 CD machines hollow shafts with a length of up to 400 mm (16 in). The Center Drive Grinder is equipped with two internal and two external grinding spindles mounted on two compound slides that each features a B-axis.

This configuration allows the internal grinding of bores, end faces and tapers.

Technical Data

Workpiece dia., max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm

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  • A high-powered wheel drive decreases machining times
  • A contact and crash recognition and wheel balancing system monitors the grinding process
  • An in-process gauging control checks O/Ds and the longitudinal position on shoulders
  • Operator and setter menus simplify handling
  • High-precision, sturdy linear roller guiderails in all axes guarantee the longevity of the machine
  • Absolute measuring systems (linear glass scales) in all axes ensure machining accuracy
  • An NC tailstock with large stroke makes for easy resetting
  • Short idle times lead to high productivity levels
  • An operator-friendly workpiece error correction system automatically rectifies dimensional errors
  • Large doors give optimal access, reducing the distance between operator and workpiece


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