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RF 310 / RF 320

Angular plunge grinding machine—contour-accurate grinding of flange and pins

Angular plunge grinding machines from NAXOS-UNION are the ideal complement to crankshaft grinding machines with swinging-stroke technology. The angular plunge grinding machines are the ideal machines for grinding pins and flanges on crankshafts.

For the first time, NAXOS-UNION has introduced linear motor technology and therefore offers highly dynamic drive systems for the most demanding production requirements.

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RF 310/320 angular plunge grinding machine for machining flanges and/or pins on crankshafts up to 1000/1500 mm

A profile wheel grinds, under dimensional control, the entire contour with single or multiple plunge cuts. Precision, performance, reliability and ease of operation ensure its successful use in the production environment. This machine was designed for the machining of crankshafts for passenger car and HGV engines. CBN or traditional grinding technology.

Also available in a twin-headed version, for instance for the combination grinding of thrust bearing shoulders and high/low ends.

Technical Data

Oscillating circuit, max. mm
Grinding wheel dia. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
1,000 / 1,500
39.5 / 59
Workpiece weight, max. mm
80 / 180
3 / 7

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  • Profile grinding of high and/or low ends of crankshafts
  • Contour-controlled dressing of the wheel profile
  • Use of CBN or traditional grinding wheels
  • Versions with one or two grinding wheels on flexible B-axis or 2 independent grinding heads
  • Hydrostatic guideways (X- and Z-axis)
  • Adaptive in-process measuring controls
  • Grinding spindle with direct drive
  • Work headstock with direct drive
  • Enclosure decoupled from machine
  • Coolant: emulsion or oil, according to customer preference
  • Automated or manual loading


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