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PMD 2 Grinding Machine – for Crankshaft Grinding

PMD 2 Grinding Machine – for Crankshaft Grinding

PMD 2 Grinding Machine – for Crankshaft Grinding

The horizontal PMD 2 grinding machine ensures high productivity when grinding crankshafts and offers very good value for the money.

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Machining car crankshafts with the PMD 2 double-head grinding machine

The PMD 2 features dual-head technology for grinding crankshafts up to 700 mm in length and 50 kg in weight. The high-tech grinding machine combines state-of-the-art NAXOS-UNION technology with precision, high performance, reliability and ease of use. The PMD 2 was specially designed to offer the optimal grinding solution for 3 and 4 cylinder automobile engine crankshafts where the oscillating stroke grinding process allows both the main and pin bearings to be ground.

30 kW motor spindles for the grinding wheels and a workpiece headstock with a direct drive unit, as well as a stable tailstock are fitted standard, as is a linear motor for the X-axis. Emulsion or oil can be used as cutting fluid for grinding.

Extremely compact and flexible, the design of the grinding machine is precisely adapted to meet the customers’ requirements. Available as a stand-alone solution with manual loading, the PMD 2 can also be optionally integrated into a complex production line.

Technical Data

Swing diameter mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
Grinding wheel dia. mm
Workpiece weight, max. kg

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  • CBN technology, also for grinding with radii and shoulders
  • Oscillating stroke grinding of pin bearings with the workpieces centrally clamped
  • Maximum productivity by simultaneous grinding using independent grinding units
  • X-axis drive system with backlash-free linear motor
  • Workpiece headstock with direct drive
  • Hydrostatic guide track (X-axis)
  • In-process measurement control systems
  • Grinding spindle with direct drive (30 kW)
  • Integrated roundness check and roundness correction
  • Automatic self-centering steady rests



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