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PM 430 / PM 460

Grinder PM 430 / 460 for the Crankshaft Grinding of Heavy-duty Crankshafts with a Length of up to 3,000 / 6,800 mm

Pendulum grinding of heavy-duty crankshafts. Grinding of the main and pin bearings is completed on one machine, using traditional corundum or CBN grinding wheels. These machines create high productivity rates with increased amounts of flexibility.

Fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual grinding processes are available. A new generation of grinders with all the features of cutting-edge grinding technology is now available.

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Quality – Productivity – Flexibility: Crankshaft Grinding with PM 430 / 460

The PM 4 series is for the crankshaft grinding of crankshafts with a length of up to 3,000 / 6,800 mm (118,1 / 267,7 inch).

The grinder PM 430 / PM 460 features linear motors and hydro-static guideways in X- and Z-axis, making them highly dynamic and guaranteeing excellent grinding results of crankshaft grinding. The workpiece is driven from both ends, using either drivers or hydraulic chucks, depending on the application. The work spindle is directly driven by a torque motor.

The grinding spindle is designed like a motor spindle with a maximum power rating of 100 kW. Higher torque rates are achieved with an optional auxiliary motor and belt-based speed transmission. All operator interfaces are easy to use, allowing for quick workpiece changeovers and resulting in high output rates of crankshafts. The grinder is completely enclosed and features automatic front doors that provide easy access to the machining area.

Technical Data

Swing diameter mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
3,000 / 6,800
118 / 267.5
Grinding wheel dia. mm
900 / 1,400
35.5 / 55
Workpiece weight, max. mm
3,000 / 5,000
118 / 197

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  • Complete-machining, i.e. grinding of main and pin bearings, on a single machine and in a single set-up; Therefore, there is no longer any need for differently equipped machines
  • In-process measuring control for diameters
  • Monitoring for signs of sagging, with compensation through load relief
  • Excellent manufacturing quality through high-precision guideways and accurate controls
  • Linear motor technology and hydrostatic guideways
  • Both CBN and corundum grinding wheels can be used
  • Cutting speeds of up to 125 m/s



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