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SK 204

The modular machine system for the grinding of cams

The CNC Grinder SK 204 modular machine system allows for the configuration of a large number of variants in order to accommodate individual production requirements. All modern grinding technologies can be realized with this CNC Grinder.

The CNC Grinder SK 204 can be equipped with different sizes of one, two or more grinding spindles for external and / or internal machining.

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CNC Grinder SK 204

The available modules for the CNC Grinder SK 204 include dressing attachments for CBN and corundum wheels, touch-recognition during grinding and dressing, and workholding units. Workpieces are loaded and unloaded on the CNC Grinder with an automatic workhandling system which includes a gantry loader and robots. This equipment is complemented by environmentally friendly coolant processing plants and exhaust systems for the CNC Grinder SK 204. Typical applications for the SK 204 Cam Grinder include the pre- and finish grinding of cam rings for vane and injection pumps and the grinding of external and internal polygons.

The interpolation of C- and X-axis, axial grinding wheel oscillation with the Z-axis, the dressing of pre- and finish grinding wheels with a diamond wheel, all these are processes that offer outstanding grinding results of the CNC Grinder SK 204.

Technical Data

Workpiece dia., max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm

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  • Identical basic machines for a variety of manufacturing tasks
  • Standardized operation and part programming with the state-of-the-art EMAG operating and programming system, resulting in a shorter learning curve, flexible staff deployment and the simplification of multiple-machine operations
  • All modern grinding technologies can be realized
  • The machine can be equipped with one, two or more grinding spindles for external and/or internal grinding


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