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VL 4 H

VL 4 H Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine for Efficient Gear Cutting up to Module 4

EMAG provides a fast and efficient solution for manufacturing gears with the VL 4 H vertical gear hobbing machine. Gear cutting is completely automated thanks to the machine’s pick-up automation providing for short idle times.

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Modular Standard for High-Productivity Gear Cutting

The VL 4 H vertical gear hobbing machine is one of EMAG’s modular machines offering reliable quality based on the latest technology. The machine’s body is made of MINERALT® polymer concrete, which has particularly good damping qualities for high-precision gear cutting. Integrated pick-up automation is also part of the hobbing machine’s basic configuration. The integrated parts storage facility, where the pick-up spindle autonomously loads and unloads itself, ensures smooth part flow and high-productivity gear cutting thanks to short idle times. Proven high-efficiency EMAG KOEPFER gear cutting technology enables the production of gears with diameters of up to 200 mm and module 4.

Like all EMAG modular machines, the VL 4 H vertical gear hobbing machine also provides easy access to the machining area and all servicing units while keeping the footprint small. Whether as a standalone machine or as part of a high-efficiency production line for large-scale gear cutting in combination with other modular machines such as the VL 2 vertical turning machine, increased productivity is practically guaranteed with the VL 4 H vertical gear hobbing machine.

Technical Data

Workpiece dia., max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
Hobbing length, max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Y-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm
Angle of inclination degrees ± 35
Module, max. 4

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  • Integrated automation with a pick-up spindle means short idle times
  • Integration into manufacturing systems is perfectly prepared. Both a directed part flow concept and a continuous automation system are conceivable
  • The gear hobbing machine has a small footprint thanks to its compact vertical design
  • Efficient and proven EMAG KOEPFER gear cutting technology
  • The gear hobbing machine can be equipped with an optional probe for positioning tasks or post-process measurements
  • Ideal chip flow is created thanks to the vertical design – very well suited to dry gear hobbing



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