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K 200

Universal Solution for Gear Hobbing

Many users know the challenge: pinions and wheels, worm gears and screws are required in greater numbers of versions. However, quantities are reducing and companies must be able to react very quickly to new customer requirements.

In light of this, EMAG KOEPFER has used the very latest technology in the K 200 gear hobbing machines: at least eight activated CNC axes and a fully automatic loading system make for an extremely flexible system for gear hobbing, which is tailored precisely to suit the specific needs of the customer. Another benefit is that the components can undergo initial soft milling and hard final machining with guaranteed high quality. K 200 gear hobbing machines provide maximum flexibility and efficient processes for gear cutting.

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KOEPFER K 200 Gear Hobbing Machines

The gear hobbers of the K Series for precise gear hobbing have a machine body made of high-grade MINERALIT® polymer concrete, which provides excellent damping properties. This results in better surface quality and long tool service lives.

The KOEPFER gantry loader, equipped with V-grippers, forms the basis of the automation system of the Gear Hobbing Machines. A number of blank and finished component magazines are available to cover a great variety of components. A combination of "ramp" and belt conveyor constitute the standard solution. Long-time magazines, like the recirculating storage conveyor, make sure that the gear hobbing machines are running for a number of hours and are not only suitable for both wheel- and shaft-type components, but can also be reset without much effort.

The capacity of a gravity-based magazine, and thus the autonomy of the hobbers, can be greatly enhanced with the use of multiple feeding rails. The triple distributor system can also be used as a twin or even a single distributor. Moving the supporting blocks for the distributor levers provides practically unlimited numbers of settings to accommodate different workpiece lengths.

Technical Data

Module, max. 3
Workpiece dia., max. mm
120 / 180
4.5 / 7
Hobbing length, max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
Hobbing width, max. mm
130 / 100
5 / 4
Shift distance mm
100 / 70
4 / 3
Main spindle: Speed, max. rpm 450 / 1,000
Hobbing speed, max. rpm 2,400 / 3,000 / 5,000

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  • Workpiece fixture for wheel, pinion and shaft parts
  • Hydraulic precision chuck to clamp shank hobs
  • Hydraulic quick clamping device for workpieces and hobs
  • Deburring device (vibration absorber, carrier for sensor) for the single or double version
  • Automatic chip removal unit
  • Oil mist suction system
  • Suction system for dry hobbing
  • Automatic orientation for skiving
  • Software for special programs such as skip shifting of a damaged area on the hob, for positioning tasks, etc.
  • Magazine loading-systems for blanks or semi finished parts
  • Excellent vibration damping, resulting in extended tool life and superb surface finishes
  • MINERALIT® polymer concrete is thermally stable which ensures constant production results

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  • Industry 4.0

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