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Richardon R 400

Flexible and precise cutting of gear teeth on large components with the R 400

The R 400 hobbing machine from EMAG Richardon features an especially large work area with long shuttlw paths and a wide range of speeds and output. This opens up a world of possibility: you can hob all kinds of components with diameters between 30 and 500 mm.

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Perfect solution for spur gears, worm gears, rotors, and similar parts

The R 400 processes components up to module 9. Additional processes such as deburring, cleaning, brushing, and re-turning can be integrated into the large work area as required by the application. This modularity makes this system the complete solution for the production of spur gears, worm gears, rotors, bored parts, helical gears, and much more.

High-quality components ensure process reliability and precision in heavy machining. These include low-vibration, thermally stable bases made with ribbed cast iron, hardened and ground V guideways on all axes, and a cutter spindle with zero-backlash friction gear drive. It has drive power up to 52 kW or 5600 Nm. 

The operating software scores highly for usability: Workpiece and tool specifications can be entered by the operator with graphical support. That is followed by a plausibility check. The matching diagnostic software is a standard feature on the machines.  

Interlinking and Automation

The R 400 hobbing machine can be linked easily to upstream and downstream processes. The duoMobil loader from EMAG Richardon is available for this purpose. It consists of two autonomous NC loading axes, and an NC axis for the steady rest slide. The shuttle path is up to 800 millimeters long (in conjunction with the duoMobil loader)—so components of different sizes can be easily accommodated. Alternatively, various robot or gantry systems can be used.

Technical Data

Module, max. 8 (12)
Workpiece dia., max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
Tool diameter mm
Cutter head power kW 22
Tangential shift distance mm
Axial milling path mm
Swivel angle degrees ± 45
Table speed rpm 120 / 230
Table diameter mm
Table load kg


  • Large work area 
  • Long shuttle paths
  • Extensive speed range
  • Workpiece table driven by torque motor
  • Cast iron machine base
  • Intuitive operating software
  • Double V guideways on all axes



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