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G 500 H

Gear Profile Grinding G 500 H

The G 500 H gear grinding machine is ideal for single pass creep feed grinding of external spur and helical gears, crown gears and shafts, worms, rotors and screw.

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G 500 H Gear Grinding Machine: Flexible and Universal

The G 500 H gear grinding machine is the universal and extremely flexible base machine of the EMAG SU gear profile grinding machine Series.

It is ideal for single pass grinding of external spur and helical gears, trapezoidal screws, crown gears and shafts, worms, rotors and screw-type workpieces up to 500 mm in diameter and a workpiece length of 2,150 mm. Optionally it is possible to grind spur or helical internal gears.

Quick-change spindles for internal and external grinding and ceramic tool technology, combined with a flexible dressing unit and modular software packages guarantee rapid format change and unmatched process versatility.

Also electroplated CBN wheels and dressable CBN wheels can be used on this gear profile grinding machine. Extreme small grinding wheels can be used, internal grinding wheel starting from 26 mm, external wheel from12 up to 360 mm in diameter by using different spindles.

Technical Data

Workpiece dia., max. mm
Module range mm 0.5 – 22.0
Workpiece length, max. mm
Centre dist. work spindle / tool spindle mm
20 / 445
1 / 17.5
Tool spindle power kW
Ceramic wheel diameter mm
30 / 360
1 / 14
Grinding spindle speed, max. rpm 32,500
Workpiece weight, max. kg
Machine weight, including standard equipment kg

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  • Universal solution for a wide range of gears, shafts and screw-type workpieces
  • Flexible manufacturing of small or large batches
  • Grinding from the solid
  • 5 different standard grinding spindles for external grinding and 4 for internal grinding
  • Integrated checking for internal and external gears
  • Automation possible
  • Tool changes as an option

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