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CI 400

The EMAG CI 400 machining unit is an attractive solution for the electro-chemical machining of rotor carriers

Rotor carriers are components of electric motor housings for hybrid vehicles and are being produced in ever increasing numbers. Electrochemical machining, or ECM, offers decisive benefits for the production of these parts.

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Perfectly suited for machining pipe carriers

Easier: Burr- and chips-free machining for high output quantities

More stable: Thermally neutral machining while simultaneously avoiding microscopic cracks and white layers

Faster: Machining several workpieces simultaneously with several active cathodes

More flexible: The CI 400 is flexible enough to enable both soft and hard machining

What is ECM?

Electrochemical machining is production process that removes material especially used with very hard materials. It is suitable for processes from simple deburring all the way to manufacturing.

The ECM technology provides residue-free machining of metal parts without contacting the workpiece. This makes the technology ideal for machining thin-walled workpieces, such as rotor carriers. As the tool never makes contact with the workpiece at any time during machining, there is absolutely no warping. ECM also creates surfaces that require no finishing after the process.

Technical Data

Clamping surface mm 1300 x 800 x 900
Machining area mm 1.150 x 950
Pulsed Power max. A 400-1600
DC Power max. A 400-2500

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  • Contact-free machining without thermal or mechanical effects 
  • Complex geometries possible 
  • No wear on the cathode 
  • Rough depths up to Rz 0.2/Ra 0.05 (depending on the material) 
  • Machining of hardened components and highly temperature resistant materials 
  • Cycle times scalable through device design


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