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VLC 100 RC Deburring and Chamfering Machine

VLC 100 RC Deburring and Chamfering Machine

The VLC 100 RC - Efficient Application of Chamfering for High-Volume Gear Production

The VLC 100 RC deburring and chamfering machine is equipped with the technology for rotary chamfer & deburring. When combined with the integrated pick-up automation system, it allows quick cycle times making the VLC 100 RC the first choice for the mass production of gearwheels. 

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VLC 100 RC – Pick-up Automation in Combination with Rotary Chamfer & Deburring, for rapid Processes

The VLC 100 RC deburring and chamfering machine with rotary chamfer & deburring technology is based on the modular VLC 100 machine type. This vertical-lean customized series from EMAG has a compact machine design. The machine base is made of mineralit polymer concrete, which has excellent vibration damping properties. These damping properties form the basis of the machine's outstanding machining quality in rotary chamfer & deburring . Unproductive time when chamfering and deburring the gearwheels is minimized with EMAG's signature pick-up automation, comprising of a pick-up spindle and customizable parts storage unit.

The rotary chamfer & deburring is completed by rolling the gearwheel off with a chamfering tool and a deburring tool. If necessary, burnishing wheels can be used to remove secondary burrs.
This produces a chamfer on the face of the gear teeth.

The entire rotary chamfer & deburring  process is fully automated and takes very little time.
The VLC 100 RC was designed so that it will pair easily with other machines in EMAG's modular series.
It can be combined with the vertical turning machines of the VL series and the VL 4 H vertical hobbing machine to produce a compact production line for gearwheels. The machines are interlinked with EMAG's TrackMotion automation system.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm
Workpiece weight, max. kg

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  • The modular, compact design enables customized solutions for chamfering and deburring
  • All components supplied by the EMAG Group – to guarantee optimum quality and availability
  • Rotary chamfer & deburring  only takes a few seconds – short cycle times
  • Pick-up automation keeps unproductive times down
  • Automatic loading ensures consistent workpiece clamping forces, and thereby best results for rotary chamfer & deburring
  • Deburring and chamfering machine with a small footprint
  • Ideal for interlinking with other modular machines from EMAG
  • Chamfering by rotary chamfer & deburring  is ideal for line production


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