Standard machine design proves advantageous for production lines

03/06/2015 - Oliver Hagenlocher

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Production lines, which link several machines together, often pose a problem in the transporting and loading of workpieces. Many factors must be considered in planning such a line, such as the space available in the production facility, the footprint of the machines as well as the automation components, the transfer height, cycle time of each workpiece on each machine, etc. It is thus obvious that a standardized machine concept simplifies this planning, especially when the machines feature consistent and integrated loading mechanisms.  EMAG modular machines, with their standard and compact design, prove ideal for linking and creating efficient production lines.

Each EMAG modular machines features its own integrated loading automation system through the use of a pick-up spindle that loads and unloads each workpiece from the automation band, which also serves as workpiece storage. This reduces the individual machines’ loading and unloading times, thus reducing cycle times. This integrated automation concept on each machine makes for simple, yet highly effective linking of multiple machines, taking advantage of their compact design, which allows the machines to be placed close together. Additionally, the standard pick-up automation only requires a transport band to be integrated between machines, which can be supplied by EMAG, simplified by the uniform height of each machine. More about EMAG modular turning machines can be found here...


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