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RASO 400

Shaving Machine RASO 400

The RASO 400 is the most versatile shaving machine.

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RASO 400 - the most versatile Shaving Machine for large and small gears as well as long shafts

Thanks to its large, open “C” structure, the RASO 400 shaving machine is the most versatile shaving machine. It can shave gears in very different sizes, even big gears and long shafts. Different types of automation, as well as auxiliary units, are available: chamfering/deburring, oil spin off, marking, a.s.o.

The RASO 400 shaving machine is the right solution both for mass production and for small/medium batches. It is available in 4, 5 and 7 controlled axes configuration (modular concept) and it can perform all the shaving processes.

기술 데이터

Outside diameter, max. mm
Module range mm
1 / 8
0 / 0.5
Max. face width (Plonge) mm
Min./Max. diameter of shaving cutter mm 178 ÷ 254
Min./Max. shaving cutter width mm 19 ÷ 50,8
Min./Max. centre distance tool-workpiece mm 119 ÷ 329
Speed of shaving cutter spindle rpm ± 10 ÷ 400
Number of cnc axes (option) 5 (7)



  • It can do shaving process on long shafts
  • Steady rest for shafts as an option
  • Small footprint (4.4 square meters)
  • Tailstocks CNC controlled (Option)
  • Compact, simple & reliable

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