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HRG 350

HRG 350 – Profile grinding machine for hobs

The HRG 350 profile grinding machine for hobs is suited for the manufacturing of all kinds of different hob types including helical hobs and threads.

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Top quality with minimum cycle times

Thanks to our long experience in the manufacturing of high-quality gear cutting tools, we can provide the perfect machine for the customers who wants perfect final products.

The EMAG SU HRG 350 hob relief grinding machine is especially suited for the manufacturing of all kinds of different hob types, including helical hobs and threads. The machine guarantees top quality results with minimum cycle times.

Grinding methods:

  • Profile grinding
  • Creep feed grinding

The HRG 350 can accommodate all grinding wheels currently available on the market.

기술 데이터

Hobbing diameter, max. mm
Module range mm 0.6 - 10 (25 option)
Helix angle degree degrees ± 45
Distance between centers mm
Length to be ground, max. mm
Grinding wheel diameter range (relief and profile) mm
35 / 100
1.5 / 4
Grinding wheel diameter (threads) mm
Grinding spindle speed, max. m/s 0 - 45
Work spindle speed, max. rev/min 100
Stroke speed, max. str/min 300
Connected power, max. kVA 83
Machine dimensions, L x W x H m 5,28 x 3,38 x 2,89



  • Flexible with internal dressing device
  • Minimum cycle times
  • Accommodates all grinding wheels currently on the market
  • Siemens 840D CNC with mobile operator panel
  • The X and Z axes are directly driven by digital linear motors with flat prismatic guides
  • No mechanical transmission or backlash
  • Profile relief grinding of solid hobs and form cutter disc

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