Webinar @ EMAG: Laser Cleaning - A Powerful Tool with many Applications [US - 11 AM EST]

Wed, 07.07.2021 | 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Webinar @ EMAG: Laser Cleaning - A Powerful Tool with many Applications [US]

Component cleanliness is an important quality aspect of industrial production. Many processes require both the upstream and the downstream cleaning of workpieces. In recent years, laser cleaning has established itself as a high-quality process, for example as preparation for bonding, welding, coating, or assembly. Process reliability, environmental friendliness, and simple integration are just some of the process advantages.

In this live webinar, directly from our location in Heubach, we would like to introduce you to this technology and the solutions we have developed at EMAG LaserTec. We will show you the laser cleaning process live and discuss how this technology can be used sensibly for your application. Therefore, we look forward to your questions, which you can of course ask directly at the event, as always. If cleaning components is also a headache for you, then this webinar is just right for you.

Language: English [US] | Time: 11 AM (EST)

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