Experience the Benefits of EMAG IoT during Production!

EDNA - Experience the Benefits of EMAG IoT during Live Production!

Visual perception is one of our most important tools in understanding and moving around our complex environment. For us humans, it is much easier to recognize, understand and analyze data with graphic representations, as opposed to list or tabular data. This means value is added by just providing visualizations of complex data.

By combining these visualizations with machine learning algorithms, you create a powerful tool to optimize production processes. This is that kind of tool that we will be presenting during this recorded webinar. We will have one of our machines running live in our production hall, demonstrating in real time how the EMAG IoT dashboard solutions can help you save cash, for example, by highlighting a better plan for tool changes to minimize machine downtimes.

Don’t miss your opportunity to save time and money by learning about the benefits of IoT in manufacturing while under real production conditions.

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