Non-circular gears? No problem!

21/07/2015 - Markus Isgro

D740 2 Teaser

Sometimes, there is no need for consistent movement or power transmission for machines, engines and pumps. In fact, such consistent movement could cause considerable problems. For instance, consider the unfavorable effects that could arise during a process like deep drawing a component whereby the drawing is slow but the stroke has to be performed quickly. This produces the desired quality at fast cycle rates. Of course, such irregular movement can be electronically managed. But a mechanical solution with non-circular gears is much more cost effective.

Efficient production of complex components

Up to now, the special geometry of non-circular gears has required the use of elaborate, expensive processes to produce these components, including erosion and gear shaping. EMAG subsidiary KOEPFER has come up with a solution that shows there is an easier way. KOEPFER's process draws on established technology and uses gear cutting to perform the gear hobbing of non-circular gears. Admittedly, this requires the position of the hob to be constantly adjusted to the workpiece, but this task can be easily performed thanks to the dynamic axes and optimal controllability of the gear-hobbing machine.

KOEPFER  K 160 and K 300

Speaking of gear-hobbing machines – the solution presented here can be easily used on the standard machines K 160 and K 300. The software simply has to be modified, then the non-circular work can begin. The perfectly synchronized and dynamic machine axes facilitate the flexible production of a wide range of workpieces on the machines – regardless of whether they are circular or not.


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