La EMAG riceve il "Daimler Supplier Award 2010"

06/04/2011 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Daimler Supplier Award 2010 Winners

Stoccarda, 18.03.2011 – Nel corso della conferenza annuale dei fornitori, il "Meeting Supplier Daimler chiave", la Daimler AG, presso la filiale Mercedes-Benz di Stoccarda ha assegnato il premio "Supplier Award Daimler 2010" ai migliori fornitori per le loro prestazioni. Come già a ...

With its “Daimler Supplier Award“ Daimler AG honours far above-average performances, as defined by their standard, globally applied rating system. The details of this system are outlined in the Supplier Cooperation Model “Daimler Supplier Network“ and cover the value-drivers cost, quality, delivery dependability,  technology and innovation. In cooperation with the suppliers, other factors – such as fairness, overall reliability and credibility – have also been taken into consideration. This year’s Daimler Key Supplier Meeting was attended by some 450 representatives of key Daimler suppliers and about 200 representatives of Daimler management.
EMAG was honoured with the “Daimler Supplier Award 2010” in the category „Manufacturing Equipment & Services”. Dieter Kollmar, Managing Director of EMAG Holding GmbH and Jürgen Müller, Managing Director EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH acknowledged: “We take great pleasure in accepting this award. It confirms that our approach is the correct one: to be the kind of partner who works closely with the customer and offers added value beyond the usual services provided by a supplier.”

Source: Press Release Daimler AG dated 18.03.2011 “ Daimler zeichnet beste Lieferanten aus“ (Daimler honours best suppliers)


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