EMAG at the AMB: Expansion of the Modular Product Range

17/08/2016 - Markus Isgro

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The success story of EMAG's modular machines continues at AMB. The modular machine concept was introduced by EMAG in 2011 and has turned into a favorite within the market. Starting with a focus on the development of vertical turning machines, in recent years, we have witnessed the integration of the EMAG Group’s full technology portfolio into this new machine model. Now, in addition to vertical pick-up turning centers for chucked and shaft parts, there are also machines for gear cutting, induction hardening, and hard machining. Combined with the TrackMotion automation solution, EMAG now offers these modular machines as building-blocks for entire production lines. EMAG will be introducing two new modular standard machines to the EMAG product line this year at AMB in hall 3, booth D32.

The modular machines are already optimized for maximum productivity due to its fully automatic manufacturing system which includes EMAG’s “pick-up” technology, self-loading working spindle and integrated parts storage unit. In addition, there is a work turret with 12 tool positions, fully designed and manufactured by EMAG, and considered one of the best on the market. When combined with the machine base made out of Mineralit® polymer concrete, the result is an extremely compact machine tool that ensures top quality results and maximum productivity. If these impressive features aren't enough for you, EMAG is now introducing the new VL 3 DUO, a dual-spindle machine that is redefining productivity.

Compact, Fast, Precise

When you see the VL 3 DUO for the first time, you’ll be immediately impressed by how compact the machine is. "Only 19 m2 (204.5 ft2) is required for the full setup of the VL 3 DUO," explained Andreas Frank, Product Manager for Modular Machines at EMAG. "For a dual-spindle vertical pick-up turning center that's an outstanding figure especially considering that the machine features a storage unit for up to 400 workpieces and is completely automatic.. These features make the VL 3 DUO one of the most compact and high-performance systems for chucked components in production," Andreas Frank said. With its range of parts up to 150 mm (5.9 in) in diameter, the VL 3 DUO is ideal for functions in transmission component manufacturing, for instance in the machining of blanks for gear production. "Transmission components such as gears have to be produced in very high quantities. This is where the VL 3 DUO scores highly, especially with its short chip-to-chip times of about 5 seconds (depending on the workpiece geometry). It reduces idle times to a minimum and  guarantees maximum productivity. The new dual-spindle machine also impresses with its machining capability. It features two 18 kW main spindles offering up to 142 Nm torque. The offer is complemented by options including driven turret tools and measuring stations located outside the machining area. The extremely robust machine design with recirculating roller guides offers an optimal basis for great surface finishes and minimal tool wear, and a direct measuring system that ensures a high degree of precision in all axes. .

A Modular Solution for the Machining of Gears

The VL 3 DUO forms part of the Modular Solutions which distinguishes itself through its modular design. This design makes the configuration of complex manufacturing systems simple. The VL 3 DUO is easy to integrate, as shown in the machining of gears, for example. The soft machining process of a gear covers 4 operations: turning OP 10 and OP 20, hobbing OP 30 and chamfering and deburring OP 40. “With the VL 3 DUO we are aiming, of course, at the first two operations, i.e. OP 10 and OP 20, in particular. These are ideal for the VL 3 DUO,” explains Mr. Frank. The other operations can be carried out on gear-cutting machines, deburring machines and grinding machines for hard machining – all of these machines are also covered in the EMAG portfolio. The possibility and ease of configuring a production line with these machines is only one of the many advantages offered by this type of machine.

Vertical Hard Machining of Transmission Components

While the VL 3 DUO provides maximum productivity for the soft machining of blanks for transmission components, the new VLC 200 GT guarantees cost reductions in the hard machining of planetary gear carriers.

The VLC 200 GT allows for the use of a variety of technologies for hard machining on a single machine, such as hard turning and grinding. Flexibility was a top priority with the VLC 200 GT, and consequently the machine's work area can be setup perfectly to suit each component being machined. The user can rest assured that the best technology for machining the workpiece will be available every time, whether that is a turning turret or a block tool holder for hard turning or grinding spindles for external and internal machining. This means processes are optimized: For example, the bore of a gearwheel can be finish-ground with a CBN wheel, while the end faces are hard turned. In both cases optimal surface finishes and the most advantageous cycle times are guaranteed. The machining quality is monitored by a measuring probe located between the machining area and loading station. In short, the VLC 200 GT brings not only cost reductions on all levels but also optimal machining results – a win-win situation for the user..

From the Raw Part to the Finished Product

Anyone visiting the EMAG booth in hall 3 at AMB will quickly realize that EMAG's promise of being able to construct complete manufacturing systems on a modular basis can be easily achieved with the products presented there. The simplicity with which the modular machines can be linked using the TrackMotion automation system, the wide range of technologies offered, and the high productivity and quality of the individual machines make EMAG one of the most innovative suppliers of turnkey manufacturing systems in the marketplace. Anyone after this kind of manufacturing solution will find what they're looking for at EMAG's booth at the AMB.


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