EMAG acquista la Dorner GmbH

02/10/2009 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG acquista il 1 ottobre 2009 la Dorner GmbH con sede a Gaildorf.

[Translate to Italian:] On the 1st of October 2009 EMAG took over Dorner GmbH with its headquarters at Gaildorf. From the conception and manufacture of automation equipment Dorner developed into a manufacturer of complete systems for the automated assembly of finish-machined camshaft components.
As a second source of income Dorner became involved in ECM und PECM technology. With the added know-how from Dorner the EMAG Group extends its expertise as a system supplier of high-efficiency manufacturing systems. The new technology centre will be known as EMAG ECM GmbH, August-Robert-Wieland-Str. 2, 74405 Gaildorf. The Dorner concern will carry on at the present location, where it will be extended to form a centre of excellence in its established technology.


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