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Retrofit VL3 and VL 5

By upgrading to current modules, you will benefit in the futur from material availability and low prices.
We can also carry out an inspection of the condition of your machine in advance. If you then place an order, the cost of the inspection will be set off against the order total.

Ask us, we can check this on all your machines.
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Spindle case: €24,000

  • X and Z linear guides
  • X and Z feed drives repair kit
  • Spindle bearing (bearing, seals, motor, Z guides to COR6
  • This means the refurbishment of the complete compound slide/headstock unit

Turret: €25,000

  • VDI40 support disc
  • Lifetool drive unit motor/gearbox
  • Base unit + casting in machine base
  • Electrical activation and motor protection
  • Cost is 50% lower than carrying out individual repairs

Cooling unit maintenance: €600

  • Maintenance
  • Tightness check,refill coolant
  • Test
  • Increase energy efficiency by cleaning, maintenance pays for itself

Automation pick-up: €10,500

  • New automation pick-up
  • including chain, chain guides drive wheels/bearing

LMS measuring systems X/Z/Y: €2,500

  • Upgrade to current measuring systems on each axis
  • Mechanical fixations
  • 9 m connection cable to interface
  • Optional barrier air connection
  • The latest length measuring systems with 50% price reduction compared to discontinued spare part

Cable installation: €12,000

  • Replacement of X21 and W132 cables between control desk and control cabinet
  • Replacement of all movable lines / cables to the headstock via towing
  • Renewal of hydraulic hoses
  • Fewer faults caused by cable breaks and thus failure of electrical components and compliance with legal requirements for hydraulic hoses

Energy efficiency:
Shut-down at the end of the working day: €2,400

  • Shut down the drive units and consumers if no blanks are available
  • Energy savings + compressed air
  • Control system remains active
  • Energy costs which are not the main focus but unable significant savings to be made

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